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For Sale: Star Wars, Bionicle, Mars Mission, Racers - $130 including shipping

LegoPodcasterLegoPodcaster Member Posts: 115
edited September 2012 in Marketplace
ALL of the sets include instructions! Feel free to comment or message me with any questions.

8624 Race for the mask of life- Missing one minifig and 4 minor pieces.

8893 Lava Chamber Gate- Missing two of the surfboard things the minifigs ride on.

8894 Piraka Fortress- Missing all of the minifigs.

8757 Visorak Battle Ram- Missing one minifig and two weapons.

8892 Piraka Outpost- 100% Complete!

Mars Mission:
7694 MT-31 Trike- Missing two very minor pieces.

Star Wars:
8036 Seperatist Shuttle- 100% Complete!

7748 Coraparate alliance tank droid- 100% Complete!

8086 Droid Tri-fighter- 100% Complete!

8137 Booster Beast- Missing three minor pieces.


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Shopping at or Amazon?

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.