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Another hello from Sheffield

Try001Try001 Member Posts: 83
edited September 2012 in Introduce yourself
Hi just joined the forum after taking advantage of all the information on here for a few months not certain if it's saved me money or actually cost me. I definitely have a lot more Lego than before. I've been collecting Lego for about 6 years now. I occasionally kid myself into thinking I will stick with Star Wars but that never works. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute as well as take advantage!


  • bricksanbricksan Member Posts: 566
    Hey pal, hi from another Sheffielder. There is a lot of us on here.
  • hantothantot UKMember Posts: 254
    Hello fellow Sheffielder!
    Its completely cost me money and I'm absolutely sticking to star wars and won't be buying those nice architecture sets, or haunted house.... or tower bridge... argh, must resist!
  • bricksanbricksan Member Posts: 566
    @hantot, i'm the polar opposite the only thing I don't buy is SW, don't see the appeal myself but it does help me get the other stuff :)
  • beets665beets665 Member Posts: 106
    Hi there

    there is a few people from sheffield here i am in chesterfield myself never know may see you at the lego store sometime
  • TyoSoloTyoSolo Member Posts: 539
    Hi. I think we have more Yorkshire members now than Mega B***ks has satisfied customers! ;-)
  • Try001Try001 Member Posts: 83
    Mega B***ks has a satisfied customer? My sister made me by some for my nephew as he isn't old enough for duplo! When she wasn't looking I whispered in his ear He would be getting Duplo for Christmas! ( don't think he understood but it made me feel better about the entire sorry affair!)
  • Try001Try001 Member Posts: 83
    And thanks for the welcome. Regarding the Lego store I tend to be loitering in there quite regularly!
  • woodstockwoodstock Member Posts: 31
    Hi from Leeds :D
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