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Hello from the DC 'burbs

AmberylAmberyl Member Posts: 193
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Attending Brickfair last month made me nostalgic for my Lego-collecting days, and in the last 30 days since the con, I've bought and built an awful lot of Lego (some 7000+ pieces of it).

I had a huge amount of Lego as a child (city, castle, space, and Technic, especially, but mostly just getting a ton of pieces and building stuff of my own), and then went through a decade-long dark age. When the Star Wars Lego sets came out, I bought all of them for about a two-year period, and also the pirate ships (at the time hugely discounted, though sadly I gave the ships away when I moved cross-country), as well as the big Technic sets. Then I put away the Lego for the better part of a decade. (Though my husband did propose with an engagement ring inside a wedding-cake wedge he'd made out of Lego... all the more amusing because he is not himself a fan.)

I've bought a few sets over the last few years, when I'd get the urge to build again, but it wasn't until Brickfair that I truly got bitten by the bug once more. I'm really enjoying the range of new building techniques that have appeared in the sets since I last really collected, the attention to detail, and the general artistry that's been emphasized in the visual looks.

I've been buying mostly theme sets, and I prefer medium to large-size sets with interesting designs and varied builds. I want to go back to building my own things, but I need to build up a sufficiently large collection of pieces again.
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