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My City: Fitting in the Medieval Market Buildings & the New Mill Set

50missioncap50missioncap Member Posts: 96
edited May 2011 in Building and Techniques
So I'm planning on starting my city here -sort of a seaside landscape complete with the new island lighthouse and coast guard sets from 08. I've also got the newer creator cabin, the beach house and a few other buildings... my question is, can I work in the buildings from the medieval market and the new mill attack set or do they look too antiquated? I was thinking I might use the market buildings as a sort of small downtown area.. and the mill as a kind of a farm area... Any input would be greatly appreciated.


  • llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Member Posts: 357
    I have my Medieval Market integrated into my city as the "historic" part of the city. Although I think the Mill Attack set may look out of place. People have even been able to get the Diagon Alley set integrated into their cities as well, if you have that set.
  • 50missioncap50missioncap Member Posts: 96
    Very true... I was planning on having the mill set off in it's own area though....
  • Halberd777Halberd777 Member Posts: 32
    If you have an area of the city that is either farmland or a woodland area it should be rather easy to integrate. The hard part is if you do not have an area set aside for that.
  • SarahIsabellaSarahIsabella Member Posts: 69
    edited May 2011
    I thought the Medieval Market looked good as part of the POTC display - I have the island based sets on one side, then the ship, then the London Escape integrated in with the Medieval Market. My modular buildings live in a different room.
  • GV357GV357 Member Posts: 7
    post pics!
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