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Lego collection for sale - REDO w/pix

tomtom Member Posts: 8
edited August 2012 in Marketplace
I own and have the following available for sale as a lot; all sets have original boxes, instructions and internal bags / boxes. see notes by the sets that are sealed in manufacture boxes. no glue. minimal fade. 1650 show there color / they have never been cleaned.
10143, 10030, 10019, 7194, 3450, 10144, 10134, 4483, 10174, 10018, 4504.
qty. 1 10175 - brand new sealed
qty. 3 10179 - brand new sealed - first edition
qty. 2 1650 - i've had these since new. see pic's (pic's show 2 different builds). both sets are complete, boxes, instructions, pamplet, stickers have been stuck, boats have been floated. over all condition is a solid 8. boxes do have wear in the corners.
can supply more detailed photos for those that are interested in bidding on the lot.
1. please do not ask about seperating - lot sale
2. pre inspection available
3. all of the kits were purchased new by me
4. for those wanting to know weight? no clue. do not bid if you cant afford the shipping.
5. located in minneapolis with ability to ship anywhere, plently of shipping supplies ie. bubble wrap ect...
6. no hurry to sell
7. also have many other kits, planes, batmobile, cars, original x wing (no box - grrr....still looking)
8. plus about 40 pounds worth of spare parts - free style
9. plus lot's of mini's
I realize the size and sensitivity of some of these kits........looking for best offer for allimage.
Thanks Tom

i've included todays paper for those that have "issues" - and for those that have "real real issues" I thought about a scale...hope we dont have to go there. some of the pic's are from my basement and others from my office.


  • tomtom Member Posts: 8
    sorry, pictures suck. I thought you could expand each picture. I hope this helps for now. the larger kits have been dismantled and returned to the original box. I'll support the cost if there are any missing pieces. I'm pretty careful with all the kits and feel I'm 99.9 percent certain everything is in order.
    picture 1 is of the 3 10179's each box contains a thank you letter and shipping/order detail (oct. 2007= ship date with an order date of feb. 2007) only one of these outside shipping boxes has been opened. the actual kit is still sealed in the secondary brown box...then the actual kit itself...make sense? the other 2 which were ordered and delivered at the same time are still sealed in the outer most box - never opened. (2 on the top) again, all three were pre-ordered at the same time and then delivered at the same time. first editions.
    let me know if you need any further information
  • etemartinetemartin Member Posts: 32
    Impressive...should make some good money off of this.
  • makmak Member Posts: 300
  • w1ck3ttw1ck3tt Member Posts: 2
    ok, how much for the collection???
  • murphquakemurphquake Member Posts: 651
    how much for the IV pumps? Amazing collection, probably should be donated to a paramedic and just take the tax write off ;-)
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