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For sale almost 50 star wars minifigures plus DC minifigs cloud boba chrome figs

PlasticDotsPlasticDots Member Posts: 80
edited August 2012 in Marketplace
Hey I'm selling about 50 minifigures all have been displayed in a case in a smoke free home, mostly star wars and a few DC minifigs. I would like to sell this as a lot but if nobody buys it I will part them out, I will send pics to those interested. Here is the list:

Batman with wings dark blue
Wonder woman
Lex luthor
Cat woman with bike
Batman (black)


cloud city boba fett
Boba fett classic gray (2)
Boba fett new armour( not 9516)
Luke skywalker dagobah
Bariss offee original 2010
Chrome stormtrooper (2)
Chrome vader
Light up vader works 
Santa yoda
Yoda clone wars
Kashyyk trooper (2)
White boba
Gammorean guard original 
Geonosian with wings (original)
Emporer palpatine from 10188
Darth vader
Cad bane
Lando skiff
Geonosian without wings (original)
Emporer palpatine yellow head
Royal guard (red hands)
Emporer palpatine with bolts(yellow head)
Celebration Luke
Lando (original clone wars)
Celebration han solo
Darth vader battle damaged
Count dooku (original) yellow head
Mace windu light up lightsaber works
Slave leia (yellow original)
Han solo skiff
Leia endor
Luke skywalker skiff
Luke skywalker Jedi, yellow, no cape
Luke skywalker Jedi knight
Mace windu
Aayla secura
anakin skywalker padawan with cape yellow flesh
Darth vaders apprentice

Plus 2 more star wars minifigures I can't remember who they are lol but you'll see in the pics


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