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Wanted: Chrome Darth Vader - COMPLETE

AnseltheCatAnseltheCat Member Posts: 141
edited May 2011 in Marketplace

I was wondering if anybody has a spare Chrome Darth Vader they would be willing to trade?

I would ideally like an unused and sealed example and in return can offer either a Shadow ARF Trooper or White Boba Fett. Both of these are naturally unused and sealed.

If these aren't to your liking I do have a few other sealed poly bags although they are not as sort after.

I can of course provide a link to my ebay profile if you require and am based in the UK.

Thanks for reading. :)


  • gold682gold682 UKMember Posts: 226
    Hi, I have a spare Chrome Darth Vadar, sealed in bag, i'd trade for a white Boba Fett. Im also in UK and have a likewise ebay profile. Let me know if you want to go ahead.

  • AnseltheCatAnseltheCat Member Posts: 141
    Paul and I have agreed to trade and so this is now closed.
This discussion has been closed.

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