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maersk 1650

tomtom Member Posts: 8
edited August 2012 in Marketplace
hello, new to site not new to legos. have 2 complete (original) sets of maersk 1650's - box, instructions, pamphlet ect. these were given to me new from my dad who was in the transportation business. they have been built and reassembled many times, stickers are stuck and boats floated. have been in storage for many years.
I listed both sets on eBay back several years ago.......some interest and decided not to sell
any interest out there?
I can supply plenty of photo's and give you all the assurances of originality / representation


  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 629
    Welcome! If you're trying to sell them you should have one of the mods move this to the marketplace :-).
  • tomtom Member Posts: 8
    thanks. can a "mod" move this? sorry and thanks tom
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