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Life of George: are you having problems?

KimTKimT Member Posts: 1
edited August 2012 in Everything else LEGO
So rumor has it that some people experience mishaps with the LoG app for android and iPhone.
Some of the mishaps are mentioned as crashes after updates, when taking a picture of a model in game - the app crashes and restarts. Also sometimes the app has issues in "seeing" different colors which results in a "wrong", eventhough the build and colors are correct.
Have any of you had these or similar mishaps, then please post them here and I'll relay to the "right people".

Personally I've been playing with LoG for some time and I've never experienced any of the above, but then again my time "in-game" is still very limited.

Please include precise descriptions of your mishap experiences.



  • SluggleSluggle Member Posts: 1
    Hi Kim,

    I downloaded the app, hoping to purchase the game for my sons birthday next month! I am so glad I tried it first as the game doesn't support my phones screen resolution! I have a htc one x android (a very good, high end, new android phone). I find ths difficult to believe as I know that when developing for Android you can scale apps very easily. If you want to know how bad this is for the android phones (and there seems to be very few that thevapp works with!) look at the google play store.


  • KimTKimT Member Posts: 1
    Thanks Sluggle. I'll make sure to feed this to the right people.
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