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LegoLand Florida

byhovabyhova IndianaMember Posts: 55
edited August 2012 in Everything else LEGO
Hello, newbie here, finally out of the dark age after 20+ years or so..been building again for about a year now, now that my son enjoys playing with them (with some added help from dad :). However my question is we are going to Legoland Florida in September, do they have any special or exclusive sets that you can only get at Legoland or the Lego store (in Downtown Disney we are going there too) that you can't get at any regular Lego store? Thank you for any information!


  • The_MackThe_Mack Member Posts: 239
    Sometimes that may have a small special set. But your selection at both those stores are going to be great, because you can find pretty much anything that is available, even possibly a few sets that you can't purchase from [email protected] because they are discontinued or seasonal. As for exclusives sets it doesn't hurt to just ask the people/manager working at the store. They would know best.
  • krklintkrklint Member Posts: 503
    I have been to the Downtown Disney store. The Pic-a-Brick wall was quite large! I ended up filling four large PAB cups before I left; and though they did not have anything unique to the store (I do wish they would, a special printed 1x6x6 wall brick of the store would be nice), they did have quality clearance items at that time (February 2012).

    Just have fun with the visit :) The outdoor and larger than life Lego models are really the great part of these type of visits (IMO).
  • cwhlscwhls Member Posts: 11
    We love Legoland! Can't wait to go back again. Last time (few months ago) we were at the Downtown Disney Lego store my son got a replica dragon set (replica of the huge model dragon in the pond outside the store). I haven't seen that one anywhere else, but not sure if it's exclusive or not.

    As for Legoland, we didn't find anything 'exclusive' but we did find a ton of stuff I feel is not easily found in general (seasonal polybags, accessories, etc.). HTH and have fun!
  • MorkManMorkMan Phoenix, Arizona, USAMember Posts: 861
    edited August 2012
    Ask for a grab bag. I can only imagine what you might get at a LEGOLand store in a grab bag...
  • ptericpteric Member Posts: 156
    I agree, get the larger Brickley set 3300001 Pretty hard to find elsewhere. I found one at Roc Center Lego store, and Downtown Disney store in FL, nowhere else. I've only been to 5 different stores besides those 2 but haven't seen them anywhere else.
  • byhovabyhova IndianaMember Posts: 55
    Sound great, I'm kinda hoping there's not too much there that I can't get locally because Legoland is only day 2, then the next 6 in Disney...if they have too much I might have to leave my clothes and fly my Lego's home(Ind). I seen the Brickley in the Indianapolis store for about 2 weeks and my son asked me for it twice never buying it(now it's gone) after looking at pictures I realize it's the Dragon in the water at downtown Disney, now wishing I would have bought it for "him" ;)
  • FurrysaurusFurrysaurus Hiding in the kitchen.Member Posts: 156
    LL florida has some legoland keychains that are tagged florida only. both LL florida and downtown disney had a ton of brickelys when i was there about a month ago. one thing i noticed was they had a ton of older stuff such as knights and alien battlepacks, neither of which was marked down though.

    the PAB wall oddly wasn't that great. it is by the 1/4 pound though, so that was kinda fun.
  • ptericpteric Member Posts: 156
    Downtown Disney Lego also used to have an engraving machine where they will engrave bricks on keychains (dont know if they still have it), but cool thing to get.
  • FurrysaurusFurrysaurus Hiding in the kitchen.Member Posts: 156
    downtown disney florida still has the machine - used it last month :) it takes about 20 minutes and in my experience, the employees weren't well versed in how to handle requests. next to the checkout booth though they typically have a box of 'rejects', that you can pick up cheap.

  • byhovabyhova IndianaMember Posts: 55
    I'm starting to get really excited for LegoLand for my son & for ME! I will be there in three weeks, its sounds like there will be alot to take in. We will be at Downtown Disney on a Friday, LegoLand Sat. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I need/should do at either place or anything that i should NOT do (because not worth the time, knowing that the time should be spent somewhere else?). My son is 4 1/2 and loves to ride ALL rides and loves playing with Lego
  • FurrysaurusFurrysaurus Hiding in the kitchen.Member Posts: 156
    he's young enough to enjoy LL, as it's decidedly catering to the younger crowd. given the days you mention, downtown disney on a friday is going to be *chaotic*. I would recommend staying towards the north end of downtown disney (where the world of disney and lego stores are at) the south side (with the exception of disneyquest) is mostly catered towards the more adult crowd. i believe that's parking exit 3 that you'll want.

    for legoland, i would bee-line towards the back of the park and then work your way back to the entrance. that way you can hit all the rides and shop on your way out.
  • byhovabyhova IndianaMember Posts: 55
    @Furrysaurus, is there anything at LL that we should avoid because its just not worth spending the time and is there anything that is a definite must see/do we are going open to close. Right now we are not going to the water park so we can spend as much time in park as we can.
  • FurrysaurusFurrysaurus Hiding in the kitchen.Member Posts: 156
    i didn't think there was much "park" there to be blunt. i overheard a mom comforting a crying child 'it's okay, we'll be back tomorrow' and thinking 'erm... why?'. miniland is cool, but the whole park had a very 'epcot world showcase' feeling to it, if you've ever been there. it seemed to exist just to have shops to sell you stuff. sure, they are themed shops, but they are shops all the same.

    however, if you see the cast members parading around as the friends gals, those are a definite hit :)

    end result, don't get your hopes up too much i'd say.
  • markg11cdnmarkg11cdn Member Posts: 4
    We hit Disney & Legoland Florida this summer. Our 4 & 7 year old both loved Legoland. We went during the week and the longest line we stood in was less than 10 minutes. Some of the rides we were able to get off, go directly back to the start and go on again. We saw the city 'fire' show and the pirate water-ski show and the kids loved that as well.

    I highly recommended the park for young kids. It is a very nice change from the huge crowds at Disney.
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