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  • iBartiBart Member Posts: 121
    But it was 152 EUR, and I missed it...
  • mountebankmountebank Member Posts: 1,237
    edited August 2012
    That's why you've not had much traffic on your thread Balloonist, it has been cheaper.

    That said, €160 is a tremendous price and should be considered carefully by those who missed the marginally better deal. Very recently I hesitated at buying 3 Batcaves for £35 each because if I'd been quicker I could have bought them for £31 each. This hesitation nearly cost me the deal which, when I think about this in hindsight, is completely irrational.
  • iBartiBart Member Posts: 121
    I had the problem with 10193 - I wanted to buy them at once, but once 10214 become available 10193 was gone. : )
  • VenunderVenunder Nottingham, UK.Member Posts: 2,621
    TowerBridge is back to E219 now, so I hope you got one this time iBart ???

    If I had any money available I would have bought another bridge myself it is a great model or lots of good spare parts, at that price.
  • iBartiBart Member Posts: 121
    Yeah... This time I was lucky. It's mine, finally.
    Thanks for asking. ; )
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