Anyone motorised the Hobby Train (10183)

gold682gold682 UKMember Posts: 201
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Intrigued by this train and the fact you can build so many different variations. Was wondering if anyone has motorised it with the RC stuff (ie. PF from say the 7938 or 7939 set)? I'm only looking at trains that can be RC'd, since I don't intend to go down the 4.5/9/12v route as i've only just started "collecting" and decided that unless they can take PF/RC then i'm not interested.

My current "gots" are:
7939 - Cargo set
7898 - Cargo set
10194 - Emerald Night

I'm looking at the 10183 hobby train due to it's flexibility, the Maersk (no explanation needed!) and if I come across one at a good price, the Santa Fe. I will also probably get the 7938 Passenger set, if only for the PF and track!



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