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LEGO Kidfests

GardenomGardenom Member Posts: 4
edited July 2012 in Community and Events
i got a card in the mail about a "giant lego expo" Kidsfest over labour day (US) weekend. you buy tickets for 4 hours blocks of time and there are a bunch of activities and stuff to do. this is geared towards kids and family and isnt a brickfest. has anyone gone to one of these? is it worth it? this summer we took the boys to the new legoland in florida and they had a good time, i just dont know if this might be redundant.



  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    Same question here, got one of those for Austin... Wondering if I should take my 6 year old son.
  • CrowkillersCrowkillers Member Posts: 757
    I displayed my cars at Kidsfest last year in Pittsburgh.. It seems like a really great time for the kids.. I got to talk to a lot of Parents there..

    There were 1000's of kids there at a time during a session -5 sessions over the weekend- and there was no shortage of Lego for them to play with.. There are all kinds of classes on building and all kinds of activities for the kids to do...

    It was very well organized.. Plus they actually set up an entire Lego store right at the event...

  • thebearcollectorthebearcollector Banned Posts: 30 see for your self looks like they had a good time
  • andyscouseandyscouse Western MAMember Posts: 365
    edited July 2012
    Kidsfest is great - for kids and AFOLs! They've had a few near me in Hartford CT, but it's not coming there in 2012 ... but we do have Brickfest 2013 in NH to look forward to.

    So, in short ... go to it - you'll all have a great time! Lots of hands-on building, MOC displays, shop, competitions, etc.
  • GardenomGardenom Member Posts: 4
    thanks everyone. we're going to go and visit family that lives near by so all in all, it should be a great weekend.

    legofantexas - that's the one we are going to. probably will go to the saturday afternoon session. my boys are 5 and almost 8. have you been to brickfiesta? i want to go one of these days.
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    I have not been to brickfiesta... My primary concern with Kidsfest is that my son is 6, and while he has a decent attn span, will he have enough to do this for 4 hours? He likes to build in about 1 hour chunks, then he does something else, then he comes back to it, plus it is a 6 hour round trip drive.

    Next year is probably the right time for him.
  • meyerc13meyerc13 Member Posts: 227
    I took my 4 year old daughter and 6 year old son to the event in Milwaukee over Fathers Day weekend. It was fun, but also disappointing in some ways for me as an AFOL and as a parent. I sent LEGO a long letter with my feedback and never got a reply back so I don't know if they took action on any of it. If it came back to town, would I take my kids again? Yes, I would, because despite the problems they had a lot of fun.

    If you are thinking of going, here are some thoughts:
    -Plan to be there for your entire session. You wouldn't believe how many people left early... there's plenty to do while there so why pay for a 4 hour session and leave half way through?
    -Yes they have a LEGO store, but don't expect to find the latest sets. While I could go the local LEGO store and buy Monster Fighters and LotR, the Kidsfest store didn't have those latest sets. This was majorly disappointing to my kids who had saved up money to spend at Kidsfest.
    -You might find some deals... they had two or three sets (a couple of Alien Conquest sets and a Star Wars set) and a LEGO game on sale, some of them up to 50% off MSRP.
    -The model museum is very cool, but it's tricky to time your visit to allow you to take good photos without other people being in the way. This was probably my favorite part.
    -There are several areas that essentially are very similar (i.e. build something from available pieces), but there are a few different areas as well (a 3 minute building challenge, Ninjago, build a car and race it...). We found these areas to be the most fun.
    -Keep an eye out for the Master Builder, and get your kid ready on LEGO trivia. My daughter won a Duplo set for guessing the Master Builder's age... too bad she has pretty much outgrown Duplo already. He asked older kids trickier questions.

    The biggest disappointment for me was the dioramas, almost all of which were broken. Hopefully they took my feedback and got them fixed, but why they would put out broken displays mystified me.

    Again, overall it was fun and the kids had a good time, but with a few changes the whole experience could have gone from good to great, IMHO.
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