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Wanted: Trade for a Gangster (S5)

andyscouseandyscouse Western MAMember Posts: 365
edited July 2012 in Marketplace
I'm looking for a gangster from S5. I have the following available for swapsies:

S6: Conan the Barbarian
S5: Cave Girl
S3: Sailor
S5: Roman bloke

or else I'd like to purchase same.



  • rawbobrawbob UKMember Posts: 500
    i have one without a revolver but with guitar case. are you looking for a complete item?
  • andyscouseandyscouse Western MAMember Posts: 365
    @rawbob - yes, that would work out fine - I have a few spare guns! Are you wanting a trade or cashola?
  • rawbobrawbob UKMember Posts: 500
    do you have any Team GB figs? I am looking for a gymnast. Otherwise I would be happy to take your Sailor for him.
  • andyscouseandyscouse Western MAMember Posts: 365
    I don't ... but I'll send you the sailor!
  • rawbobrawbob UKMember Posts: 500
    PM me your address then please
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