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An Opportunity for You LEGO Experts!

akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,038
edited July 2012 in Community and Events
Hey, guys! I have been contacted though theBrickBlogger today by someone who
needs some help. Here is his original message. I thought with all the experts
here this might be an opportunity for someone and a way to help others new to
the LEGO hobby. If any of you are interested, please PM me and I will get you
guys in touch.

Hi, Thita!

We are organizing a contest for the employees of STV, Inc. that requires them
to build original projects with Legos, and we would like to find someone who
could do an online Lego workshop/webinar and who could help us judge the winning
entries. Can you put us in touch with someone who could do this for us? (Payment
to be negotiated with the expert, based on credentials and track record).

If there are videos of anyone running a workshop that would be most helpful to
us in making a selection.

Hope you have time to help us out.

Mike Galle
Executive Producer
Creative Director
The Anniversary Company, Inc.
Subsidiary of Special D Events, Inc.

(address, phone number, email address deleted by me)
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