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For Trade: Technic 8109 Flatbed Truck With Power Functions (UK)

CephaserCephaser Member Posts: 18
edited July 2012 in Marketplace
I bought this truck for a present a couple of weeks ago but it was a bit advanced and dint et finished. I finished it to take some photos then promptly broke it up again seperating the pieces into polybags. It is in as new condition, complete with all extra parts, with instructions, the box and unapplied sticker sheet. This is a great set that includes power functions and an alternate build from downloadable instructions, but was a bit advanced for my needs. So i would like to trade it, ideally in the UK.

I have listed the items I am looking for below, and am looking to work out a trade involviving a few of them:

Bruce Wayne (2012)
Poison Ivy (2012)
Bane (2012)
Black Widow (2012)
Iron Man (2012 with circle on chest from Quinjet set)
Quilon vos (CW 2011)
Commander Wolfe (CW 2011)
Eeth koth (CW 2011)
Wolf pack trooper (CW 2011)
R8-B7 (CW 2010)
Tx-20 (CW 2010)
Luminara Unduli (CW 2010)

Monster Fighters figures:
Quinton Steele
Rodney rathbone
Lord vampyre
Lord vampires bride
Bat monster

The figures need to be in as new condition.

Thanks for your time,
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