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Wanted: Trying to complete Harry Potter minifig collection

Steve_J_OMSteve_J_OM IrelandMember Posts: 990
edited July 2012 in Marketplace
Reading the superb DK book Characters of the Magical World has inspired me to try to complete my collection of Harry Potter minifigures. I've made a spreadsheet with my haves/needs which is viewable here: I'm not so much looking to have every single minifigure, just one representation of each character (though there are a couple of characters I'd like an extra variation of).

I have a few things for trade, but I'm also willing to pay cash. I'm based in Ireland, and could pay immediately via PayPal. Some of the things I could trade are listed below. Further to these, the last time I was in my local Smyths they had plenty of CMFs Series 4 and Series 6, so if they were still there I could try to feel out specific minifigs.

Star Wars
(Polybags, all sealed)
#8031 - V-19 Torrent
#8033 - General Grievous' Starfighter
#30004 - Battle Droid on STAP
#30006 - Clone Walker
#30050 - Republic Attack Shuttle
#30051 - X-Wing Fighter
#30052 - AAT
#30053 - Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser
#30055 - Vulture Droid Fighter
(Boxed sets)
#8089 - Hoth Wampa Cave (MISB)
#9489 - Endor Rebel Trooper & Imperial Battle Pack (MISB)

Harry Potter (all MISB)
#4736 - Freeing Dobby
#4865 - The Forbidden Forest
#4866 - The Knight Bus

Alien Conquest
#30141 - Jet Pack (sealed)
#7051 - Tripod Invader (MISB)
#7049 - Alien Striker (Qty. 2) (MISB)

Collectable Minifigures
#8684-2 - Spartan Warrior (loose) Qty. 8

#30014 - Police Helicopter (sealed)

#2259 - Skull Motorbike (loose, complete - no box)

#30161 - Mini Batmobile (sealed)

Sorry for the lengthy post, feel free to get in touch here or via PM.

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