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Expired [Elsewhere] DS 10188 for EUR 305


  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 2,778
    Depends where you are I suppose, but for the UK, an exchange rate of 1.23 Euros to the pound makes this only £3 cheaper than UK [email protected] before shipping and wondering whether Amazon shiiping protection is as sturdy as [email protected]'s own - not to mention VIP points.
  • berniebondberniebond AustriaMember Posts: 136
    anyways, it's gone up now.
  • tvihtvih Member Posts: 92
    edited June 2012
    It's 305 again by the way. Or been for the last two days or so, actually. Sold & shipped by itself, not a third party (not sure which way it was earlier, I didn't spot that price earlier, must've only been a very short time). To my shame I had to lend some money from family members to do it, but just ordered one today. So at least that's one set less I have to worry about going EOL. Now I just hope there won't be a better sale somewhere else to annoy me ;) Had to pay a whopping 38 euros for shipping, but the end price of 348 euros is still 112 euros cheaper than ordering to Finland from LEGO [email protected]

    I guess I'll have a decent amount of building to do next month, with the DS, MMV, TIE Fighter and hopefully also Queen Anne's Revenge lined up.
  • DiggydoesDiggydoes Cologne/GermanyMember Posts: 1,070
    Whoa,shipping to Germany is only 7€! Veeeery tempted right now!
  • tvihtvih Member Posts: 92
    Higher price again - 393€. Did anyone take notice of the 197€ Imperial Shuttle though? It'd be a nice pick as well, but one I honestly cannot do unless I forgo paying rent... which, while tempting, isn't an option ;)
  • pmercikpmercik Member Posts: 55
    Imperial Shuttle is for that price for a couple of months now. It used be even cheaper (€188 i think)
  • effalconeffalcon Member Posts: 71
    and again, its at 305
  • berniebondberniebond AustriaMember Posts: 136
    I laid out for a 2nd IS a
    @186€ and 2 more MMV @ 72€. I think they may not make it to BF.
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,796
    The Shuttle Expedition at £54 + postage is a great buy.
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