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Selling classic 1975-1990 lot.

This is classic story of my son hitting 5 and going to pull out my old childhood legos and finding out they are worth a decent amount. I am not a collector just a user so for me these would be for my son and I's enjoyment. I would far rather sell these to a collector and go buy 5 times as many other legos for us to enjoy. I also dont really feel like trying to sell them 1 at a time I am looking to sell as a lot. 

The 5 large space ships are all complete or 99% complete I think less than 10 pieces missing between them with the only unique being the LL 924 bricks. All the sets have instructions and no box but they are all well used and half the instructions have tape somewhere on them. The small sets have some missing parts or subbed colors. The only really strange set is I have 580 and the instructions are in good shape but somehow I only have the backhoe left...

Is this the place to try to sell this or should I just take some pics and post it as a lot on Ebay?

Theme - Subtheme

260-1Idea BookBooks - LEGO1990

487-1Space CruiserSpace - Classic1978

580-1Brick YardLEGOLAND1975
715-1Basic Building Set, 7+Basic1990

1974-2Flyercracker USATown - Flight1989
6066-1Camouflaged OutpostCastle - Forestmen1987

6366-1Fire & Rescue SquadTown - Fire1984

6605-1Road RacerTown - Racing1984

6624-1Delivery VanTown - Vehicles1983

6652-1Construction TruckTown - Construction1983
6659-1TV Camera CrewTown - Vehicles1986

6672-1Safari Off-Road VehicleTown - Vehicles1990

6675-1Road & Trail 4 x 4Town - Vehicles1988

6693-1Refuse Collection TruckTown - Maintenance1987

6872-1Xenon X-CraftSpace - Classic1985

6887-1Allied AvengerSpace - Blacktron 21991

6894-1InvaderSpace - Blacktron1987
6954-1RenegadeSpace - Blacktron1987

6980-1Galaxy CommanderSpace - Classic1983

6986-1Mission CommanderSpace - Space Police1989

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