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[Australia] BigW and Target - Annual giant TOY sale

KangojackKangojack Member Posts: 38
edited June 2012 in Shopping Elsewhere
The toy catalogues for BigW and Target Australian annual toy sale have been published with some great discounts on LEGO starting from 20% off.
The sale starts in stores on the 28th June, but you can pre-order this year online from the 21st June.

Bargins to mention:

33% off 10221 Super Star Destroyer $498AUD (RRP $699AUD)
35% off 9496 Desert Skiff $35AUD (RRP $49.99AUD)


  • auslegofanauslegofan Member Posts: 6
    edited June 2012
    Thanks Kangojack! There's more toy sales news:
    Toys R Us Australia - starts 27 June. A few lego exclusives are on sale.
    Myer (department store) - starts 21 June.
    Toyworld Australia - from now to 28 June.
  • EricEric Queensland, AustraliaMember Posts: 376
    Target's 'officially' put out R2-D2 at $199 and Toyworld's put out the Winter Bakery at $109.
    Going to be an expensive few weeks... :/
  • auslegofanauslegofan Member Posts: 6
    I thought Winter Bakery is on sale at Toy World for A$69.99 (still expensive when you compared to our UK/US counterparts). Winter Post Office is selling for A$109.99
  • EricEric Queensland, AustraliaMember Posts: 376
    Big W also stocking the new Dino line, and the new Creator Seaside House!
  • scholte23scholte23 Member Posts: 10
    @auslegofan - How do you know the Myer start on the 21st, I've been looking on the website and have even rang them and they weren't sure when it was going to start. Do you have inside information?
  • EricEric Queensland, AustraliaMember Posts: 376
    ^^^ You're right AusLegoFan, it's the Post Office that's selling for $109.

    and ^ Scholte23, I rang a few weeks back to check availability for the VW Camper, and the lady told me the 21st.
  • auslegofanauslegofan Member Posts: 6
    ^ Scholte23, I dont have any 'inside information' about Myer toy sale. The 21 June sale day has been mentioned in many AFOL forums. I will post the catalogue link here when it is available.
  • duilimduilim Member Posts: 61
    edited June 2012
    I called Myer customer service yesterday and they didn't know anything about a Toy sale so I wouldn't have high hopes about a sale starting on the 21st. The person at the Toy department at my local Myer also had no idea. Plus, the catalogue is yet to be sighted, and it's already the 19th..... if anything, the sale will start around the 28th I'd say.
    Sorry for the bad news - the Myer June Toy sales have in the past been responsible for a large part of my collection so I for one am quite disappointed.
  • jay359jay359 Member Posts: 9
    Just got the Myer toysale catalogue and it starts on the 21st. They have 20% off all LEGO with bigger discounts on some sets.
    VW Camper is $129 and Tower Bridge is $299.
    Free LEGO Club membership if you spend over $75 on LEGO.
  • auslegofanauslegofan Member Posts: 6
    Thanks jay359 for the confirmation. Myer is extremely slow this time around to promote its toy sale. Will post the catalogue link when it is available.
  • jay359jay359 Member Posts: 9
    I'm not sure but I think Myer might have done the same thing last year as well. Waiting to see if they'll have the extra 10% off for Myer One members again this year.

    If anyone wants to get in early, selected Target stores will be open tomorrow night from 6 'til 9 with Toy catalogue prices in effect.

    and the KMart catalogue is now available online.

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