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For Sale: Components of Ninjago/SW/Alien Conquest sets

DocDanCanDocDanCan Member Posts: 1
edited June 2012 in Marketplace
I am a minifig collector, so most of these sets come without any minifigs. Any minifigs that are included are noted below. Sets include instructions, boxes, stickers, and most pieces except some weapons, minifigures, and other parts as noted. Most have original bags that have been opened to remove minifigs. Prices do not include shipping. Prices based off CURRENT prices of sets that have sold without minifigs on eBay (sets that HAVE sold, not sets BEING sold. Some sets are being sold for much more, but I'm a reasonable guy.) I can ship without box if you would like to save some $$$. Must be able to pay via PayPal. Ship only to the continental US. Will provide quote for shipping once I know how many sets I am shipping and if boxes are included.

7065: Alien Mothership - Mothership ONLY. No minifigs or clinger. $30
8096: Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle - Includes Anakin minifig and ship. $30
9447: Lasha's Bite Cycle - Contains NO minifigs. Contains the Bite Cycle and blacksmith forge. All weapons that part of the blacksmith forge included. Parts are in Ziplock bag (box is HUGE for so few pieces.) $20
9449: Ultra Sonic Raider - Includes Spitta, Zane, Cole, and Jay ZX (all ninjas with armor). $65
9450: Epic Dragon Battle - Only includes bags 6-9 (The Great Devourer and snake prison). NO minifigs, no Ultra Dragon (I also collect dragons). $40
40049: Mini Sopwith Camel (2). $10 each
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