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[CAN] Toys R US Sale June 8-14th

DmsmithDmsmith Member Posts: 26
edited June 2012 in Shopping USA/Canada
This week from June 8-14, Toys R Us Canada will be offering the following LEGO sales. Buy 3 or more LEGO sets and your order ships free for online purchases. This might be your last chance to pick up 10198 Tantive IV as that set is getting quite hard to find now!

* LEGO Star Wars: Buy 2 & save 15% off, Buy 3 & save 20% off

* 20% off ALL LEGO Harry Potter, Hero Factory, Technic, Duplo


  • Jasper_ParnebrickJasper_Parnebrick Member Posts: 35
    I just picked up The Clone Turbo Tank and the Tantive IV because they will be very hard to find after this... Would have preferred to get them at a better deal, but if I snoozed I would have lost out! Grabbed the Snow Trooper and Rebel Trooper Battle packs too to get the full 20% (and because they are also discontinued). It's not a killer sale, but 20% beats full Canadian MSRP any day... I wanted the Geonosian Cannon, but they didnt have any.. incidentally, they just condensed the shelves to make room for LOTR, I was there yesterday and they didnt have any LOTR sets yet. Lots of SW sets are up on a HIGH shelf now. Looked up and saw about 40 Obi Wan Starfighters!
  • DmsmithDmsmith Member Posts: 26
    I grabbed the Battle of Genosis and the last Snowtrooper battle pack they had for 15% off.
  • dimefielddimefield Member Posts: 314
    Same for the Obi Wan sets here. Drop the price already!
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