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[Master thread] Help identifying parts, sets and minifigs



  • EnbricEnbric Member Posts: 64
    edited June 2011
    6745 Propeller Power.

    I don't own the set but I'm guessing that would be all four bags since it is a fairly small set.
  • HobHob Member Posts: 223
    edited June 2011
    I,m gonna say maybe a Naboo starfighter original release (smaller version) but it is later and that's off the top of my head.

    Actually scrape my idea what he said ^
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290

    I just happened to stumble across the following. I think this matches his color better than that link:
    The monorail stanchions were only made in black.
  • princedravenprincedraven Member Posts: 3,764
    Enbric, think you are spot on with that, thanks. Hopefully that is the whole lot (only 247 peices in the set). Weird that someone would buy the set, take it out the box and then sell it amongst 2nd hand stuff. I paid less for the whole box of stuff than the retail of that set, so a nice little find that will keep my son happy for a god few hours, building and rebuilding, loves planes and helicopters so perfect.
    Hob, thanks for your thoughts on it, kinda glad its not the Naboo starfigher, starting to go off the Star Wars sets a little. Sure I will still give in and get the UCS SSD.
  • StuBoyStuBoy Member Posts: 623
    After looking up a few of those more unique parts I reckon its this:
  • StuBoyStuBoy Member Posts: 623
    ^ Sorry, didn't see page 2 to this thread and I see now its already been answered.
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 Member Posts: 362
    Anyone know where this is from?
    014.JPG 103.9K
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Administrator Posts: 6,756
    edited July 2011
    ^ is "Plate, Modified 1 x 2 with Steam Engine Cylinder, Round Surfaces, Interior Grooves"

    Red one found in 3 sets :
    - 2 in 7727 Freight Steam Train 1983
    - 2 in 7715 Push-Along Passenger Steam Train 1985
    - 2 in 7722 Steam Cargo Train, battery 1985
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 Member Posts: 362
    ^ Many thanks
  • slovakiastephslovakiasteph Member Posts: 62

    I bought a mixed lot of lego and was wondering if anyone might know where they belong. I left that chunk of blue together.
    The "windshield" in the back says
    You can see the pic here:
    (not sure if the file I uploaded will work)
    017.JPG 76.1K
  • gtg905sgtg905s Member Posts: 29
  • slovakiastephslovakiasteph Member Posts: 62
    Wow, ya'll are fast, thanks!
    After looking at those and the other pieces I have, I don't think there's enough to make a complete set of anything. Apparently the black wing was only in 2 sets!
  • slovakiastephslovakiasteph Member Posts: 62
    @gtg905s thanks... I figured that was from a specific set
  • GalactusGalactus Member Posts: 260
    @slovakiasteph the orange part is from a Life on Mars set:
  • Model_GalModel_Gal Member Posts: 10
    edited July 2011
    ^ I have a feeling that these bags are from "Propeller Power"

    If you look at the inventory, you'll see a lot of these parts and its the only one that makes sense.
  • jwsmartjwsmart Member Posts: 298
    The blue bits are from Angler Ambush:
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 Member Posts: 362
    Can anyone tell me which set this torso is from ( one on the left) ? I don't think it's from 6083 as the Prince has a gold braid on his tunic.
    001.JPG 125.4K
  • achillespdxachillespdx Member Posts: 106
    ^Bricklink doesn't have it, unless the gold got rubbed off (which seems possible).
  • malachirobertsonmalachirobertson Member Posts: 268
    edited August 2011
    Don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but being a new AFOL I am clueless when people have mentioned greebles and macaroni. What exactly are they?
  • Macsrbeast2Macsrbeast2 Member Posts: 6
    I found this piece in a box of Legos & was wondering where it came from! I'm guessing it came from an old train set, but obviously unsure.
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Member Posts: 2,729
    That's the old steering shaft for the early 70's model trucks. It came in sets in black in 371, 372, 381, 382, etc.
  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
    Sorry for bad photo
    Can't find this piece on bricklink.
    It is a Lego brick because the top studs say Lego
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Member Posts: 2,729
    Those came from 2 sets. Go to bricklink and search the parts section under "brick decorated" then narrow it to 1 x 8 at the top search bar in that section.
  • GalactusGalactus Member Posts: 260
  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
    @oldtodd33 I've done that but the one with red writing doesn't have cross supports and my brick does. Also the brick says 'Theater' in fancier lettering kinda like Italics.
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,366
    edited August 2011
    Oh this is going to be complicated....

    The Bricklink "source" for the THEATRE brick is only half correct...

    THEATRE was found in the #226 Printed Bricks parts packs sold in France from 1959 (the year France started LEGO sales) to 1965. The Bricklink DB mentions 8 printed bricks... but that is partly incorrect. From 1956 until 1957 there were 8 bricks in the #226 packs of different countries (each with their own language bricks). But from 1958-65 the printed brick count dropped by 1 brick to only 7. The Bricklink DB image that mentions 8 printed bricks is from a 1957 Dutch catalog....

    So any 1958-65 continental (or UK/Ireland/Australia) LEGO catalog will mention only 7 printed bricks.

    The THEATRE brick was also found in the French version of the continental European #491 parts pack of 1966-69.

    The #426 set mentioned in Bricklink was only sold in UK/Ireland and Australia (1966-72), and would likely have either a THEATER brick or a CINEMA brick... in very thin sans serif lettering... mainly in blue or black.

    Here is an image of the contents of a French #226 Printed Brick Parts Pack of circa 1959-65) with 7 printed bricks... and a French version of the #491 Shell Accessories & Printed Bricks Parts Pack.

    Also... not all Printed Bricks Parts Packs of a particular country will always have the same printed bricks. There are other extra bricks available for most countries. In France there could be some substitutions such as ESSO SERVICE, CHARCOUTERIE, or KIOSK.

    These images are from my Unofficial LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors Guide (1959-90s) on CD... Chapter 33 "Printed, Painted & Stickered Parts".
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,366
    edited August 2011
    Funny how the images display in a different order than posted....

    Also... until 1964 all printed bricks had hollow bottoms... starting in 1964... they had tube bottoms.
  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
    Thanks a lot Istokg
    I got this at a Garage sale in Canada so thats kinda weird
    I also have some other sets that were never sold in North America that I got at a garage sale.
    The theatre brick in your image 491 does not have cross supports which mine does.
    The only other bricks that you mentioned or are in the image that I have are 3 x 'Hotel' and 2 x 'Esso Service.
    I don't think i'll find out where the bricks originally came from
    Oh and where do people get these CD's you talk about.
  • oliver_municholiver_munich Member Posts: 6
    Hi guys

    OLDSCHOOL stuff here.
    experts for older stuff wanted!

    this is so much fun — got all my old lego back xd — mmostly stuff above 1977 (my year of birth) + also some even older sets.

    and some stuff i just wasn’t able to identify.

    i put that all up for sale, if anybody is interested, please look at my sets ( i was already able to rebuild about ten sets, also bigger 80s technic, old space, old spice and whatnot ;)

    i love lego (again).

    greets, oliverimageimage
  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
    edited August 2011
    Right now Bricklink is down
    But you can type the part into bricklink catalog search
    i.e. 1 x 2 tile or 1 x 3 x 8 arch or 2 x 2 brick with eye pattern
    Click on the correct part and you can find out what sets it was in and also the colours.
    Hope that helps
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,366
    @legomoose.... I have to tell you that it's people like you that makes me love playing a LEGO "Sherlock Holmes".... Due to having a 51 year history with LEGO... it gives me a slightly different persective about the older LEGO sets/parts.

    Below is an image of the USA #226 set contents. While the rest of the world had 7 named beams from 1958-65 in the #226 parts pack... in the Samsonite LEGO USA/Canada #226 named beams pack... there were 10 beams (in a larger parts pack box).

    I have always wondered, but never been able to confirm the contents of a Canadian #226 pack. It is very possible that your named beams are Samsonite Canada beams with the French spelling for some names. THEATRE would probably be more likely in Canada (since the French spelling could easily be used in English Canada as well.

    The ESSO SERVICE and HOTEL sign are pretty universal in nature, just different fonts.

    And since there were 10 beams in the 226, there were always a few duplicate signs (sometimes 3 of the same one in a US #226).

    So I am wondering if your signs originated from a Samsonite of Canada #226 parts pack?

    Just how many of those printed bricks (in total) do you have? And are there any other recognizable sets that you have in your possession that are actually NON-USA/Canada?

    From 1961-65 all USA and Canada parts were either made at the Stratford Ontario Samsonite LEGO plant, or imported from Denmark (the specialty pieces). Also at that time, the Samsonite LEGO set boxes made in a Detroit Samsonite plant, about 100 miles from the Stratford Canada plant.

    So legomoose, please give me some ideas of your total named beams count and type, as well as if you have "known" non-Canadian sets.

  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    For sales, please repost in the marketplace.
  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
    Thanx @Istokg
    Just so you know it is likely the set will have missing pieces. If I have it.
    You can look at my Brickset collection the username is the same
    Here are the other decorated bricks I have I believe the shell ones come from set 690
    I also have the shell sign and 1 x 2 red brick with Lego written old style
    I believe the two flags on the far left were only sold in Europe I also have the Canada flag but put away right now.
    Hope this helps
  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
    ^Forgot a flag also European
  • GalactusGalactus Member Posts: 260
    @oliver_munich I also have that 2x2 yellow tile with sticker, I used a tile from my collection and the sticker came from a sticker sheet in an idea book. I'll see if I can dig it up.
  • oliver_municholiver_munich Member Posts: 6
    thanks a lot, i was able to identify the 6374 "holiday home" set with the unique 74 blue 45 slope and the 6382 fire station!

    @glactus the 2x2 yellow "cooking plate" goes in this set too.

    thanks very much for your help!
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,366
    edited August 2011
    Lego_Moose... you said that you have a Canadian flag... that wouldn't happen to be a "Wavy" flag with the emblem "embossed" and not a sticker? The wavy Canadian flag is one of the rarest of all flags, and I've seen them sell for over $75 each in good condition.

    As a LEGO historian, a lot of people send me auction images, especially ones that don't make sense to them (or sometimes to me! ;-). The "straight" stickered flags you show were produced in the (1973-79) 939 & 940 parts packs... These 2 packs are identical, with the exception that the 940 (only sold in Scandinavia) had the rarer Scandinavian flags, which were not sold elsewhere..... well or so we thought....

    Below is an EBAY auction image of a Canadian 442 parts pack... This pack should come with about 1/2 dozen road signs, an antenna, a few red fences & gates, and 2 "wavy" flags... a Canadian and a LEGO flag, and some trees/bushes. This 442 pack is the only known source of the Canadian wavy flag. The 442 pack was sold in Canada from 1969-74.

    However in 1973 the 939/940 packs came out in the rest of the world (except never in the USA). And this particular Canadian 442 pack looks like a "transitional" pack (1973-74)... a mix of old and new items. The antenna and road signs are missing, but appear replaced by more red fences/gates. The trees should be the granulated versions... but instead are the older "hollow bottom" trees. But look at the flags.... you've got the older wavy Canadian and LEGO flags, as well as newer straight blank flags with the two 940 sticker sheets.

    My theory is that TLG shipped Samsonite of Canada a bunch of leftover older parts (trees), as well as the 940 Scandinavian sticker sheets... which they probably had in abundance, since far fewer 940 sets were produced than 939 sets.

    So here's what I think... you have the remains of a 442 Designer Set parts pack (with the Scandinavian stickers)... and also a 1974-79 Canadian 939 set (that had all but the Scandinavian stickers).

    And lastly... as far as I can tell... the only known source of a straight Canadian flag with stickers... was the Canadian version of the 575 Coast Guard Set. The USA version had a USA stickered straight flag... the Canadian version had a Canadian stickered straight flag. In Europe, they sold this set as 369, and they had the LEGO flag.
  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
    edited August 2011
    I wish I had the wavy Canada flag but unfortunately I don't
    My Canada Flag is sticker applied like the rest of them
    I originally thought I had the coast guard set but later I realized I didn't (Bricklink listed the coast guard set the only set with a Canada Flag)
    I think you are right about your guess of 442 and 939
    I wish Bricklink had an accurate inventory of both of them
    I wish I knew how I got the Theatre brick.
    I understand this is hard.
    I know lego keeps three copies of each set but did they do this for the Canadian versions packaged by Samsonite?
    Thanx @Istokg
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,366
    edited August 2011
    Lego_Moose.... most people collect modern LEGO, and not the old stuff. What is ironic about the old stuff (often the catalogs were only 2 or 4 pages)... is that it is so "Friggin" complex.... packing variations are common.... sometimes when a particular part hasn't arrived yet from Denmark... they (USA and Canada Samsonite) would use alternative parts. And add to that the variations on the LEGO molds. Often when TLG started something new... they shipped their old molds to Samsonite... and that would skewer the "years produced" for sets and parts.

    The 939 and 940 parts packs (with the flags).... were sold everywhere except the USA.

    The 940 had the Scandinavian flags (plus LEGO as 6th flag). And the 939 and 940 shared 1 of the 2 sticker sheets... the one without the LEGO flag. Now to complicate matters... the 939 sets of Britain, Ireland and Australia had a "3rd" sticker sheet... one with a pair of stickers of Ireland and Australia.

    I've been trying to determine IF Canada ever had a Canadian stickered flag (either as 1 pair or maybe 2 pair).... in their 939 parts packs. This would be besides the other source of the Canadian stickered flag of the 575 set.

    I haven't gotten a definite answer on that... so your help Lego_Moose... regardless of how little or much help you can give.... gives me answers to little pieces of the puzzle...

    This would be especially helpful... if you could check the Bricklink inventory for the 575 Canadian Coast Guard set... to help determine if that set... or a part of it are in your collection.

  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
    @Istokg I kinda like the older lego better than the more modern stuff
    I don't think I own the 575 I looked at the inventory on Bricklink
    I don't have the baseplate, 11 yellow fences, minifigs with that sticker, black fence gate 1 x 3 x 2 base or 2 Trans-Clear Brick 1 x 6
    Ya I'm really sure I do not have 575
  • IstokgIstokg Member Posts: 2,366
    Thanks very much Lego_Moose!!

    That (as far as is known) means that a Canadian flag sticker "may" have been produced for the Canadian 939 sets. The problem is that (unlike the UK/Aus version) no MISB or MIB Canadian 939 sets have been found/opened yet to be able to tell 100% that that is indeed the source.

    But since there are no other logical alternatives... that's the way it's looking to me! :-)

    Now we need to find an example, and document the sticker sheet number. Ditto for the Canadian 575 sticker sheet....
  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
    Thanx @Istokg
  • emilewskiemilewski Member Posts: 482
    I have a part I am hoping someone can help identify. I am guessing it is a fairly new part (within the last few years) but there is no part number on it and I don't even know how I would describe it to look it up. Thanks!
  • KillDeerKillDeer Member Posts: 1
    Hello everyone. I have a feeling this isnt Lego but it, A) came from in a very well organized collection of Lego and B) fits into a minifig's hand. I've never seen this type of gun before in Lego sets but I'm not an expert.
  • Matty_StormMatty_Storm Banned Posts: 7
    edited August 2011
    Removed by @Matthew
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