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[Master thread] Help identifying parts and sets

princedravenprincedraven Essex, UKMember Posts: 3,768
edited May 10 in Everything else LEGO
I hope you don't mind me usurping your discussion, but I'm changing this to a master thread for anyone seeking assistance in identifying parts and the sets to which they belong.

By containing all such inquiries to this thread, those that enjoy identifying parts know to come here to lend their expertise.

The rules should be pretty straightforward:
1) Please upload a photo of the part/parts.
2) Please take the time to downsize your image to keep this thread from bloating in size
3) Provided you downsize the image, after attaching the photo, click the "Insert image" button to display the photo in your post to spare people from having to download the photos in order to view them.

- rocao

Just recently made a purchase of a huge box of LEGO however it came without any instructions or boxes so it is proving tricky to ID what is in it.
It clearly has some HP sets as Hagrid, Harry, 3 headed dog, Basalisk etc is there, and I have found quite a lot of purple pieces which I can only assume are from the Knight Bus, but I am struggling with some other parts, there is a big white peice which looks like some kind of Arabian building, one peice which looks like batmans wings, but quite large so maybe from a vehicle, etc
Is there a way of tracking what sets the piece is in by the piece number? Or some other system?

Appreciate your help.


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