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For trade: Polybags (Germany/Switzerland)

mressinmressin Member Posts: 843
edited May 2012 in Marketplace
Hi all,

I'll be in Germany (Kiel and Karlsruhe) and Switzerland (Zürich) in early June. If anybody from/in these cities is interested to meet for a trade, please see my list of available sets below (including recent promotion sets from The Sun). All sets are MISB. Please PM me if you are interested. I'm leaving on Friday 1 June in the morning, so any trade needs to be agreed on by Thursday evening.

30055 x 1 (Star Wars Droid Fighter)
8028 x 3 (Star Wars Mini TIE Fighter)
30056 x 4 (Star Wars Star Destroyer)

30160 x 1 (Batman Jet Ski)
30161 x 4 (Batmobile)

30080 x 1 (Ninja Glider)
30082 x 1 (Ninja Training)
30084 x 1 (Ninjago Jay)
30086 x 4 (Ninjago Hidden Sword)
30087 x 4 (Ninjago Car)

5625 x 2 (City Police 4x4)
30000 x 5 (City Medic's Car)
30001 x 2 (City Fireman's Car)
30002 x 1 (City Police Boat)
30010 x 3 (City Fire Chief)
30011 x 2 (City Police Dinghi)
30012 x 1 (City Microlight airplane)
30013 x 3 (City Police Buggy)
30014 x 1 (City Police Helicopter)
30018 x 1 (City Police Micro Light)
30150 x 4 (City Racing Car)

7799 x 2 (Creator Cargo Copter)
7800 x 2 (Creator Off Road Racer)
7804 x 2 (Creator Lizard)
7805 x 3 (Creator Shark)
7808 x 2 (Creator Yellow Airplane)
30008 x 3 (Creator Snowman)
30009 x 2 (Creator Christmas Tree)
30021 x 3 (Creator Parrot)

30041 x 5 (Atlantis Piranha)
30042 x 1 (Atlantis Mini Sub)

30072 x 2 (Toy Story Woody's Camp Out)
30073 x 2 (Toy Story Buzz's Mini Ship)

30133 x 1 (Pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow)

30141 x 1 (Alien Conquest Jetpack)

40028 x 1 (Harry Potter Mini Hogwarts Express)

Boxed sets:
7930 x 2 (Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship) [MISB, but boxes battered]

Brickmaster books with bricks:
Brickmaster Atlantis (English)
Brickmaster Star Wars (English)
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