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For Sale: Lego PC games (UK)

monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,360
edited May 2012 in Marketplace
As i no longer have a working PC, having games for one seems a little odd, so I am selling them off.
Right now there are 5 games (6 when I find the CD for Harry Potter, which is currently eluding me).
All 5 are complete, i.e. the Disk and instructions are there:

Star Wars I - Complete
Star Wars II - Complete
Star Wars III - Complete
Indiana Jones I - Complete
Indiana Jones II - Complete

Harry Potter Years 1 -4 (this is case and instructions only right now but the disk is somewhere so ignore image until i post update).

No idea of the second hand games market, amazon and play market places seem quite varied so i am open to offers.
If you are interested please PM me.

These have only ever been used by me and spent there lives living in their boxes (with the exception of the missing HP disk, which i susspect is in a CD drive in one of my old laptops) so i don't think there are scratches etc and all should work just fine.

Thanks loads


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Shopping at or Amazon?

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.