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[Australia] 20% Myer One sale - Wednesday May 30 only - new sets!

TrabbTrabb Member Posts: 12
edited May 2012 in Shopping Elsewhere
a one day sale tomorrow/wednesday at Myer stores for Myer One members. 20% off all toys... the best news? They have just received a huge shipment of new sets! I checked the Sydney City store today and they had all of the new Star Wars sets (including Jabba's Hut, but not R2D2 seen at Target), a bunch of the Lord of the Rings sets, large Technic sets, most of the Architecture series and even the Volkswagen Camper which is what I plan on buying!


  • bkprbkpr Member Posts: 295
    Do they happen to have the new Sopwith Camel?
  • TrabbTrabb Member Posts: 12
    Nope, but I think that's a long shot for Australia for now... but they will probably have a few other new sets today I think, I'm heading over at lunch and will report when I get back to the office!
  • BlueTaylorBlueTaylor Member Posts: 51
    Any news on other Myer One members' sales coming up? I was lucky enough to get a $10 voucher from them for buying a certain amount of Lego recently so I plan on using that and their 20% off to buy the Mines of Moria for 85.20! Would be great if there was a Myer One members' discount on top of that! :D
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