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For Sale: Harry Potter Old Grey Pieces (UK)

monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,380
edited May 2012 in Marketplace
Hey I have a lot of original HP sets Old Grey Pieces to Sell of. The only non HP bits are the additional cliff elements and the secret door (i think) that i sourced over the years when building out my first Hogwarts MOC.
The reason for selling these off is that i have changed all the peices in my second attempt at the MOC to the new grey colour because it was more economical than buying up the old grey in the volume needed.

Anyway, the nuts and bolts are:

1.5 pounds of loose bricks and bits as seen, not sorted
26 cliff elements
8 turret elelments
2 Hogwarts fireplace elemenets
1 secret door
13 8x16 baseboards
18 8x8 baseboards

Not really up on the price but my guess is the bag of bricks are of nominal value (although there are a few HP only bits in there i think) and the elements bits are more so, at a guess i would have though £50ish + shipping maybe more maybe less. The overall wieght is about 7.5 pounds with the shipping box and shipping should be around £5 within the UK

If anyone is interested please PM me
thanks loads


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