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CMF trades (UK)

AvengerDrAvengerDr Member Posts: 453
edited June 2012 in Marketplace
I've just used one of my WHS -£5 and I bought 8 CMFs.. 6 of which were spares :(

So I have the following available for trade:

- s7 Bride x2
- s7 Rock Star x2
- s7 Galaxy Patrol
- s7 Hippie x2
- s7 Tennis Player x2
- s7 Jungle Boy

I am looking for:

- s1 Zombie, Cowboy, Robot
- s2 Vampire, Witch, Mariachi, Traffic Cop, Pharaoh
- s4 Crazy scientist, Artist, Kimono Girl, Werewolf, Punk Rocker
- s5 Gangster
- s6 Genie, Clockwork Robot
- s7 Ocean king, Bunny suit guy, Grandma visitor, Female Viking

will also consider trades with Super Heroes figs (will trade 2 or 3 for one, depending on the SH) or SW figs (again, depending on the fig) if never played with.

I'd prefer to trade at least 2 figures per swap.. let me know asap.


  • AvengerDrAvengerDr Member Posts: 453
    One bride and the galaxy patrol gone. Any other takers?
  • ninbend0ninbend0 Member Posts: 6
    Hey fella! I know the feeling - exactly the same thing happened to me the other day. I think that it is time to swap and buy the rest, the odds are just not good enough to buy them new. Anyway, here is my list:

    Series 4 - I need:
    surfer girl
    hockey player
    hazmat guy
    ice skater
    mad scientist

    Series 4 - I have to swap:
    Frankenstein's monster
    football player
    punk rocker

    Series 5 - I need:
    lizard man
    evil dwarf x2

    Series 5 - I have to swap:
    small clown x2
    fitness instructor x3

    Series 6 - I need:
    roman soldier
    space woman

    Series 6 - I have to swap:
    highland battler
    flamenco woman
    skater girl x2

    Series 7 - I need:
    Aztec warrior
    bunny-suit guy
    evil knight
    little red riding hood

    Series 7 - I have to swap:
    daredevil x2
    galaxy patrol
    computer programmer
  • ninbend0ninbend0 Member Posts: 6
    So you've got a S7 bride that I need, and I've got a S4 kimono girl and punk rocker that you need. Do you have any other series minifigs that are on my wanted list? Or anything lese you'd like to swap? Also, what condition are they in, and do they have the packets and instructions? Cheers, Ben.
  • ninbend0ninbend0 Member Posts: 6
    PS, I'm UK
  • AvengerDrAvengerDr Member Posts: 453
    Pm sent!
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