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[US] K-mart 50% off clearance



  • malachirobertsonmalachirobertson Member Posts: 268
    You may not have missed anything . . . at least not at my KMart. I scanned several Lego sets, even ones with stickers posting a clearance price (old Ninjago and PotC). All scanned at full price. I wasn't interested in the sets enough to haggle over the price. Perhaps in August the discounts will touch Lego. Aren't more new sets coming out then? Of course, some new sets are already out and my KMart has no space for them.
  • intromissionintromission Member Posts: 197
    The Mill, which I bought for $15 a month ago during that last big round of online clearance, was back in the "clearance" section for $30.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Member Posts: 10,788
    Im still trying to convince myself to give up the fruitless searches of Walmarts by me, same as KMart.. either cleared out already OR nothing on sale....
  • sarbearsarbear Member Posts: 8
    Is Kmart having the extra 50% off this week? I saw nothing in the ad......
  • scotty12scotty12 Member Posts: 835
    The Mill, which I bought for $15 a month ago during that last big round of online clearance, was back in the "clearance" section for $30.
    I had the same situation at a KMart while on vacation. During the Memorial Day 50% off clearance I got POTC Captains Cabin ($4.50) and The Mill ($15). Today, this KMart(only 90minutes away) had them marked up to regular prices. Did find a Lego Yoda Clock for $6.50.

  • LegoOverdoseLegoOverdose Member Posts: 4
    Found a couple of POTC back to the regular price as well. Looks like the 50% runs from 7/3 to 7/14 according to the tag. I found nothing at a couple of stores.
  • starfailurestarfailure Member Posts: 138
    I also saw two LOTR sets at my Kmart (Gandalf and Uruk-hai, I believe.) Still nothing on though.
  • turtle1173turtle1173 Member Posts: 230
    I don't know if anyone has much interest in the Kreo's. As you probably know, the big Optimus set has been marked down in most places from $60 to $30. At K-mart today is was on clearance down to $22 but then we got 50% off of that. So we walked away with it for $11. Hard to beat that.
  • pharmjodpharmjod Member Posts: 2,916
    $11 is hard to beat, even on a "knock off" like Kre-O. I really like the starscream and would buy them all day long at $5.50. Had I known about this yesterday, I could have gone to my kmart that had them in stock and cleaned up. Thats something like 85% off.
  • turtle1173turtle1173 Member Posts: 230
    My son finished building the "semi version" last night. It was impressive to say the least. The instructions were lacking in some spots and some pieces were difficult to put together. These aren't LEGO for sure. But what can I say... the end result was very nice looking.

    My son asked me this afternoon why we didn't buy two of these because he hated taking it apart to built the optimus figure. The optimus figure, although nice, wasn't as impressive as the semi.
  • sonsofscevasonsofsceva Member Posts: 542
    @pharmjod and @turtle1173 This is a bit off subject, but I thought the point of Transformers was that they...transformed. If you have to take the vehicle apart to make the robot, doesn't that defeat the whole point?
  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    ^ it is "transforming". The process is just manually done by the user =) You "transform" the brick orientation from vehicle to robot.

    But yeah. I thought the same thing when I read that. The should really just have the '2 in 1' style label on them like the LEGO creator 3 in 1 sets do since that is all they are.
  • turtle1173turtle1173 Member Posts: 230
    It's definitely misleading to those that haven't been following the release of these. That was a major beef when they were coming out; having transformers that didn't transform. As @graphite said, they should have been labeled as 2 in 1 or something like that.

    On a separate note, I wonder how sales were on these? I know they have pretty much all been clearanced for a while. They cleared out many of these to replace them with the Kre-O battleship sets.
  • pharmjodpharmjod Member Posts: 2,916
    edited July 2012
    I'm sure sales haven't been great since they have been clearanced out as you state. However, I can't help but think at 80% off, they make for fun sets, even if they are not LEGO. Until LEGO gets the Transformers license which will never happen, this is the best most non MOC'ers will ever get. I think they will even do fair in the aftermarket once they are gone from retail. I found another Optimus and 2 Starscreams at a different KMart so I was pretty happy.

    Heck, at these prices, you can buy 2 of each set and have one in robot mode and one in vehicle mode and never miss a beat :)
  • SquareSideSquareSide Member Posts: 170
    *Kre-o Related*

    I love my Starscream in jet form. I got Ratchet for $9 at Walmart. Cheap fun as well. Have yet to build Optimus. I bought 2 Starscreams, One to open and one to keep sealed since I'm a Starscream nut. "Why hello there Masterpiece Starscream" <3
  • malachirobertsonmalachirobertson Member Posts: 268
    I returned to my local KMart today. The Lego sets that I saw last week, the ones that had discount stickers, but rang up at regular price, were gone this week. Did someone convince a manager to lower the price?
  • chrisdojochrisdojo Member Posts: 169
    I stopped by Kmart yesterday and they are restocked with many of the smaller AC and PotC sets at full price.
  • BrickamoreBrickamore Member Posts: 56
    I picked up some AC sets that were stickered as clearanced and had a sign nearby advertising an extra 50%. They were ringing full price at the self-check scanners and the register. The cashier had to get confirmation on the extra discount and manager overrides for the sale.
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