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Halberd777: In the Ringer

Halberd777Halberd777 Member Posts: 32
edited May 2011 in Introduce yourself
I guess I should introduce myself,

I am from the Eastern U.S. an older lego fan 31 years old and have rediscovered lego twice. This being the second time. I started Lego back with Black Falcon's Fortess and Forestmen's Crossing. Then gave it up to pick it back up when my younger brother got into it with the Dark Fortress, Royal knights and Exploriens line. Know my son became of age 4 oops a little young but duplos are sooo infant (other lego parent enthusiasts will get this). Then my wife bought me the troll fortress recently and has regreted it ever since. She is always reminding me about it but might be coming around. My kids love playing with Daddy's lego collection and building with daddy which has brought many great memory's (so you singles that are older remember it will be a great bonding experiance for you kids and yourself (even my wife builds the bigger castles with me).

Also you will find me on classic castle because that is really what I collect.
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