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Licensed sets without minifigs - worth anything?

peterlinddkpeterlinddk Member Posts: 170
edited May 2012 in Buying & Selling Topics
Hey there

I have obtained quite a few licensed sets (in a massive collection of assorted bricks) where most of the minifigures are missing. There are a lot of various Star Wars sets, that I don't really recognize (I'm mostly into the original trilogy), so I have no idea as to how wanted they are.

As an example I have a complete, almost mint-condition 4477 T-16 Skyhopper that is only missing the printed minifig torso. It seems to me that the prices on bricklink are almost the same with or without minifigures, but do they actually sell?

Do you think I should sell the sets (on ebay or other auction-site, not bricklink) without the minifigures, or would they bring more in return if I bought the missing minifigures from bricklink first?

What are your experiences?


  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    I'd ebay them saying there are no minifigs (if you want to get rid of them). I doubt if it is worth buying the minifigs to sell the sets.
  • vader34mtvader34mt Member Posts: 88
    edited May 2012
    yea a lot of the time people sell the minifigs and sets separately because they can actually make MORE money that way

    so if you were to buy the figs and add them to the sets, you would likely be losing money
  • muffenmanmuffenman Member Posts: 75
    I collect SW lego I have never bought a ship or such on its own, I buy full sets or Just mini Fiq!! But some ships/vehicles are bid on and others not at all!!!

    Now The mini Fiq for the Skyhopper is very uncommon so buying it makes no sense.

    Ebay is a funny place I would stick any complete vehicles/ships on Ebay at a 99p start and 7 days, I would say not much to lose!

  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 1,996
    I assume the T-16 goes for nearly the same either way because the pilot isn't a Star Wars character and is more just a generic minifig. It's the only OT model I don't own, and the generic pilot is one of many reasons for that.
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