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[US] LEGO Store Calendar June 2012

legoDadlegoDad Member Posts: 529
edited May 2012 in Shopping USA/Canada

Barely scratchin' the surface for May...we have the June LEGO Store Calendar!
Here's the breakdown...

- FREE Mini Sopwith Camel with $75 purchase!
- 50% off City Alarm Game with $50 LEGO City purchase.
- Limited Edition Pickable Model for June...Batman and Robin!!! It will come in a large PAB Cup with all the bricks you need to build these two icons of comic books (of note are the Batman and Robin symbols on 2x4 bricks. Not sure if they're printed or stickers).

- On sale June 1st the fantastic looking Sopwith Camel kit! And Heroica Ilrion Game.
- June 2nd Master Builder Academy Workshop for kids (usually ages 6 - 14). For $29.99 kids will receive MBA Kit 1 Space Designer as well as instruction and building techniques and tips (probably done by one of the store's Brick Specialists).

- June 5th FREE Monthly Mini Model Build: Lawnmower Model (remember, it starts at 5pm/ends at 7pm and limited to 250 kids ages 6 - 14)!

- Starting June 4th - June 17th visit the Lego Store, take a photo with DC Superheroes ( a backdrop cutout) and upload your photo to Lego Shop Facebook to receive a FREE Lego DC Superhero comic book!

- June 11th - 13th ask about the Lego Master Builder Academy and be entered into a drawing to win a bust of yourself made out of Lego bricks, done by a Lego Master Builder! Ask a Brick Specialist at your local store! Would be pretty cool to win this...;)

- Lego KIDSFEST coming to Milwaukee, WI June 15th - 17th. Check out the details at
- June 19th get the new Lego Batman 2: DC Universe Super Heroes Video Game! Get a special in-game code (from your local store) to unlock exclusive content (with purchase of the game of course).

- June 23rd...Not only is its LegoDad's birthday!!! Yeeyah!...but even better is a Lego Club DC Universe Super Hero Meeting. Build a lair for your favorite villain, get a FREE Lego DC Universe Super Hero t-shirt (exclusive only to these Lego Club Meetings...not sold in stores), and usually a $5.00 off coupon, stickers and at times you get to take home the model you built. Great to meet and make new Lego builder friends (ages 6 - 14). $25/child and $20/child for VIP members.

- June 18th to July 31st get a FREE Child's ticket to any US LEGOLAND Park or LEGOLAND Discovery Center with $75 purchase.

- Grand Opening Lego Store Oak Park (Overland Park, KS June 1st - 3rd), Jersey Gardens (Elizabeth, NJ June 15th - 17th), Alderwood (Seattle, WA June 22rd - 24th) and Northpoint (Alpharetta, GA June 29th - July 1st)!!! These weekend long celebration openings will have a Lego Master Builder build an 8ft tall model (with help from everyone young and old) in which you can receive a FREE Certificate of Achievement for helping the Master Builder. Also, with qualifying purchases get FREE exclusive t-shirts, models, mini-figures, etc. Check with the stores for their specific exclusive offers. The most sought after from these events will be the LEGO Store Model kit.

- June 8th to the 10th, Mall of America 20th Anniversary Lego Event (Bloomington, MN)! A Master Builder will be building (with help from you all) an 8 ft tall Brickley Model, special MBA building tips and tricks session, special exclusives and give-a-ways. Please check with this store for all the details.

- June 23rd - 26th, Lego Master Builder Academy Atlantis Fantasy Camp (Paradise Island, Bahamas)! Sun, fun...and Lego! Check for all the details. Camp is for children 6 - 12.

- Conventions!!!...Brickworld Chicago, IL June 13th - 17th ( and Bricks Cascade 2012 Portland, OR June 1st - 3rd (

Finally...don't forget June 14th is Flag or draw some nice United States flag themed art and remember to keep up to date with Lego store news and events use the QR Code.


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