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Find the "Smart-Studs" / Is there a name for it?

indy1973indy1973 Member Posts: 70
edited April 2011 in Building and Techniques
Did you ever notice when you are building a set that many times the instructions tell you to place a seemingly-useless stud or element somewhere, whose sole purpose is to make sure that kids (or other inattentive builders) don't put another adjacent element in the wrong place, so they wont build the model the wrong way, or have to dismantle a few steps?

I always called them "Don't-Screw-This-Up-Studs" or simply "Smart-Studs". =)

You'll notice them most often when they serve no structural purpose, if they are ultimately totally hidden afterwards, or if they seem like they are just there to prevent common building mistakes, especially where a building mistake would cause a structural misfit, or a weak point, etc.

I think the Pirates of the Caribbean sets have a few... Can you spot them?

What sets have the best examples?


  • fox171171fox171171 Member Posts: 45
    In addition to being a "landmark", I've sometimes wondered if some were included just to have some different parts for building whatever you want, since I've seen a variety of parts used this way.
  • bigstudentbigstudent Member Posts: 1
    I found some white 2x4 tiles at the base of the Tower Bridge served for this purpose. Initially I thought TLC just wanted to include a larger number of parts in the box
  • MatthewMatthew Administrator Posts: 3,714
    What about all the red and blue in the depths of vehicles where you can't see them? I've never understood that.
  • indy1973indy1973 Member Posts: 70
    ^Sometimes they do that because yellow and red are simply cheaper colors to make, but sometimes I am sure they also do that to help little kids get the model right.
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