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Monthly LEGO Club meetings

DonovansDadDonovansDad Member Posts: 19
edited April 2012 in Community and Events
Has anyone on here participated in any of the in-store club meetings?

This month is Superheroes and my son is all about the Capt America shirt, Although he's just 6
Just wondering if those meeting are more for the older kids and may go over his head


  • avoiceoreasonavoiceoreason Member Posts: 224
    They are definitely for all ages, so I don't think they will go over his head. They are conducted before the store opens and last an hour. Generally there is some kind of theme or storyline that the employee will describe and the kids will then build a ship (or whatever) that is supposed to go with the story. They build the creation from a large pile of (usually basic) bricks. Then the kids gather round and tell each other what it is they built. After that the kids will get a bag of bricks (or a small polybag set), maybe some stickers and/or a minifig or something and a $5 off coupon to take home. Often they will also ask trivia questions throughout the event that correspond to the theme and hand out a minifig or some equivalent prize to those that answer correctly.

    He will be on the younger end for sure and there will be some 12 year olds there as well, but it is generally pretty low key and you can help out your son or just sit back and watch. VIP members pay $20 vs. $25 for non-members. So after factoring in the $20 cost, the $5 off coupon on future purchase, the t-shirt, the Lego you take home, and perhaps a minifig or two, it's actually a reasonably good deal for an hours worth of entertainment.
  • DonovansDadDonovansDad Member Posts: 19
    I'm going to swing through the store tomorrow to sign him up for it.... I was thinking maybe itwas for more advanced kids then he is with building, but it kind of sounds like the same vibe the free themed builds have in the store.... plus i didn't realize they got bricks or minifigures, i thought the t-shirt was the extent of it.... thanks for the help
  • avoiceoreasonavoiceoreason Member Posts: 224
    No problem, I hope he has fun!
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