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[Denmark] Annual 40% Off Lego sale

MultiversalMultiversal Member Posts: 29
edited April 2012 in Shopping Elsewhere

I'm probably being a bit naive spreading the word about this, but I figured anyone who's interested would know this already, and even if not, you sort of deserve to. =J

In short, the Danish store chain Bilka has 40% off all Lego, excluding the Games, in the last week of the month of August - or at least, they have had for at least the last three years, and I'm personally counting on them to repeat the gesture this year. Personally, I never buy any Lego if it's marked down any less than 40%, unless it's a game or not available in Bilka (they don't have exclusives).



  • andystarandystar Member Posts: 275
    ^ How much do they charge to ship to the USA?
  • MultiversalMultiversal Member Posts: 29
    ^ How much do they charge to ship to the USA?
    I don't think that's an option. If you want to, though, you can try to find something about it at their website:

  • SupersympaSupersympa SwedenMember Posts: 534
    And 40% off in denmark is retail price in the US. :)
  • MultiversalMultiversal Member Posts: 29
    And 40% off in denmark is retail price in the US. :)
    Yeah... that, too. =)

  • peterlinddkpeterlinddk DenmarkMember Posts: 170
    Just a heads up - it isn't in the last week of August, it is in the second week of August!

    It starts tomorrow, sunday the, and continues all week in all Bilka stores. Each customer is limited to three of each set - beyond that you have to pay the normal price.
  • redgreenblueredgreenblue Member Posts: 9
    Was in Bilka - Fields today and they still have loads of stock, although Friends is basically sold out (only the 100kr sets left) and Ninjago starting to get low. Had plenty of creator, technic, duplo and city (about 100 of 7939 train...) and most of the LOTR/SW summer sets. Interesting still had some AC sets and the level crossing.

    Managed to sort out some Christmas presents and got a July - December catalog as well. Also noted in the catalog that there will be three advent calendars and the harbour, airport and space center lines are sticking around for the next six months at least, despite the introduction of mining.
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