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Wolverine's Chopper Showdown Photo Review

tommydaytommyday Member Posts: 6
edited April 2012 in Collecting

Hey everyone, I'm new here and wanted to introduce myself and my site. I'm a big LEGO fan and I snagged a couple of the Marvel sets on before they sold out, and I put together a small review of 6866: Wolverine's Chopper Showdown.

For $20 this is a steal if you're a Marvel and LEGO fan. Wolverine, Magneto, and Deadpool all look great, and the chopper is pretty fun too. I can't wait to get my hands on the Avengers sets, but I think this is going to be my favorite of the initial Marvel sets.

I run a geek culture blog called Top Hat Sasquatch and a podcast network and we cover LEGO a lot, and if you'd like to see more photos of this set you can check out my review!


  • BoiseStateBoiseState Member Posts: 804
    Are these out yet?
  • tommydaytommyday Member Posts: 6
    I think they officially come out this Sunday (the 8th), but they were briefly available on like a week ago. I have heard some people say they've seen them in stores already though.
  • legos4everlegos4ever Member Posts: 45
    Cool review. Thanks!
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