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graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,274
edited March 2012 in Forum Operation
I was asked to make a separate post for this. Those of you who got it from the other thread, I moved it on my site so you'll have to re-bookmark it if you've done so.

I created a simple web form that will take a list of set numbers and create a list of the sets with number, name and brickset link as well as the HTML needed to put that list in a post here or anywhere else that supports html in posts. This is useful for both looking up for yourself a list of sets to see what they are as well as for easily creating posts for others especially when you are selling a large number of sets and are feeling too lazy to type out everything. Instead of posting only the number, just throw the list into this generator and post the results.

The only downside right now is that sets that happen to have 2 matches (ie 6600-1 6600-2) will only create the link for the first one since I don't have any logic in there to figure that out. I may fix that at some point but not until my list of other things to do is done =) If you create it and see one that isn't what you expected you can fix it manually in the HTML listing easily by changing the -1's on a line to -2's etc.


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