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wiredforsound: Long time Midwest & Pacific Northwest AFOL, First Time Poster

wiredforsoundwiredforsound Member Posts: 31
edited March 2012 in Introduce yourself
Currently located in Portland, OR but born and raised in southwest Michigan.

I have been a longtime fan of LEGO since my mother bought me the 483-1: Alpha-1 Rocket Base on my 5th birthday way back in 1978. I had most of the early Space and Castle sets during my elementary years and then lost most of them in my parents zeal to resell all my childhood in garages sales.

I got back into the hobby again in 1991 with the Star Wars license and 7131-1: Anakin's Podracer set. Since then I have been to three LEGOland's (Denmark/California/Germany), two Discovery Center's (Berlin/Schaumberg), two Brickcons (2009/2011) and a LEGO Castle Adventure, plus created some of my own fun projects involving Peep's and CMF's

I have gone a bit digital photograph crazy with the LEGO hobby in the last few years as shown below:

LEGOland Denmark (August 2003) -
LEGOland California (February 2011) -
LEGOland Deutschland (July 2011) -

LEGOland Discovery Center - Schaumberg (April 2011 ) -
LEGOland Discovery Center - Berlin (December 2010) -

Brickcon 2009 -
Brickcon 2011 -

LEGO Castle Adventure -

Peeps vs. LEGO -

Thanks for reading!


  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Member Posts: 3,639
    Welcome to Brickset Chris. Greetings from the southwest corner of California!

    Very nice that you're first LEGOland was Denmark! Loved the pic of CMF Artist on the spray can.
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