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mirandir: I guess It's time to introduce myself

mirandirmirandir Member Posts: 31
edited May 2011 in Introduce yourself
After some thirty-ish posts I guess it's about time I introduced myself:

I'm a 35 years old swede named Johan. I returned to LEGO after my Dark age in late 2006 or early 2007. It kind of snuck up on me so I couldn't really say exactly when my dak age ended.

I'm the sole editor of the only active Swedish AFOL oriented Lego blog "Legobloggen". A blog I guess that's most known for breaking the news about the collectible minifigures. Even though someone at Eurobricks actually were first...

My favourite theme is Blacktron I. But strangely enough I've ended up mostly building city. Train related buildings from early 20th century to be precise. Buildings from the history of my home town to be even more precise...

I'm planning on being finnished with the 26x26 studs watertower sometime this summer/fall and that will be followed by a 80x41 studs station in three storeys.

I do have a small Blacktron I WIP on the side though. But it's a low priority build which spends most of it's time sitting on a shelf collecting dust...

Finally here's a link to my flickr account if anyones intrested:[email protected]/

There's not that much exciting to be seen there at the moment, though...
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