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Unofficial LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors Guide "finally" going out next week!!

IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
edited March 2012 in Marketplace
Those of you who have waited for weeks (or longer) for my nearly 3,000 page collectors guide will be rewarded in about 2 weeks when they arrive at your home. Plus the freebies (rare 1950s parts) that I promised.

The last CD problems appear cleared, and unfortunately I cannot cram even more stuff in there or into my head!

I will be doing the "launch" from here at Bricklink, where Huw and Ian have been gracious enough to let me use many of the Brickset images I needed for the CD (which they took at the Billund Vault). And I will repay them in kind by helping take the Brickset catalog back to the early hazy days of the origins of LEGO...

But today I'm in a festive mood... and with Britain celebrating her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee (60 years on the throne) coming up... and with the London 2012 Olympics starting July 27th... I thought I would do a last minute special in honor of the Brits (even though I'm German born and living in the USA for many decades, more that I care to admit)...

So I am offering a special for people wanting to order the LEGO CD, but not quite sure.... maybe this offer will push you over the top.... (and you don't have to be a Brit in order to order!)...

I purchased 35 London Bus sets (384/760) back in 1982 on clearance in the USA, and still have many of the parts unused. So anyone wanting one of my LEGO CDs (special offer only good today)..... I will throw in the 20 rare/old parts for the London Bus set, so that you should be able to build your own with your other parts in your collection. These parts will be mint, and include...

2 rare white windows in mint - $6.00 value.
4 red mint arches (with Pat. Pend. underneath, like the originals).... (the ones at 60 cents). - $2.40 value
4 black 1x1 round bricks (solid stud) in mint... $1.20 value
4 red mint small spoked wheels. - $3 value.
4 black mint tyres/tires for the spoked wheels. - $3 value
1 red unique road plate for the bus in mint (with Pat. Pend. like the originals) .... $1.50 value
1 other red unique road plate for the bus in mint (with Pat. Pend. like the originals) - $1 value

That's an $18 value if purchased in new condition on Bricklink, but this is a freebie.

I only have about 5 or 6 of these available... and the offer is only good today!

If you want the CD (nearly 3,000 pages of information and twice that number of color and b/w images + 1/3 of a million words)...

Just Paypal me (with Brickset LEGO CD special in the comments)....

USA/Canada location...... $29.95 + $3.50 shipping... $33.45 total
Rest of World................. $29.95 + $5.00 shipping... $34.95 total

My Paypal account is..... [email protected]

This offer is not on Bricklink.

Here's an old review of my first CD (which is included in this combined nearly 3,000 page CD)...

Offer is only good today... and you'll probably find some rare old 1950s parts included! ;-)

And God save the Queen.... and the Duchess of Cambridge (formerly Kate Middleton ;-)...
Gary Istok

P.S. Substitutions, such as 6 large red or white spoked wheels with tyres/tires from the 1970s Hobby sets are allowed! :-) Also, anyone holding off waiting for this to become a book... it will in the near future... but only at less than 300 pages, in black/white... with only about 10% of the information... it will be the abridged version of the CD.

P.P.S. And for a bit of humor... my favorite royals...


  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    Here are the CD Chapters.... (too big to fit into 1 Post...





    1.1 The LEGO Company Early History (1932-49).
    1.2 Automatic Binding Bricks - (1949-1953).
    1.3 LEGO Mursten Years - (1953-1955).
    1.4 LEGO System of Play - The Early Town Plan Years (1955-1958).
    1.5 The Mature Town Plan Years (1958-1965).
    1.6 New LEGO Systems & Early Legoland Years (1966-1972).
    1.7 LEGO in Transition - The Legoland Years (1973-1980).
    1.8 Updating the LEGO Systems (1980-86).
    1.9 Expanding into new LEGO Systems (1987-95).

    2.1 Denmark/Norway/Sweden Automatic Binding Bricks/LEGO (1949-53).
    2.2 Automatic Binding Bricks Sets (1949-53).
    2.3 Automatic Binding Bricks Spare Parts Packs (1950-53).
    2.4 Automatic Binding Bricks - Individual Elements (1949-53).
    2.5 Automatic Binding Bricks - Idea Brochures (1950-53).
    2.6 GEAS - Automatic Binding Bricks - (1950-51).
    2.7 PRIMA - Automatic Binding Bricks - (1953-55).


    3.0 LEGO TOWN PLAN SETS & BOARDS (1955-83).
    3.1 The Town Plan Boards (1955-70).
    3.2 The Town Plan Sets (1957-70).
    3.3 Later Town Scene Sets (1970-83).

    4.1 Mosaik LEGO Sets of Denmark/Norway/Sweden (1955-56).
    4.1 #717 Junior Constructor Set - USA/Canada (1961-65).
    4.2 Blue/Yellow Basic Sets - Denmark/Sweden/Switzerland (1958-64).
    4.3 #712 Wooden Box Set - Germany (1963-65).
    4.4 #600/1 Basic Building Set - Britain/Australia (1962-65).

    5.0 LEGO BASIC SETS (1953-65).
    5.1 Continental Europe/Britain/Australia LEGO Basic Sets (1949-65).
    5.1.1 #700/x Basic Set Descriptions by Set #
    5.1.2 #700/x Basic Set Descriptions by Box Type
    5.1.3 #700/x Switzerland Basic Sets (1957-65).
    5.2 USA/Canada Samsonite LEGO Basic Sets (1961-65).

    6.1 Continental Europe/Britain/Australia LEGO Basic Sets (1965-72).
    6.1.1 LEGO Basic Sets (1965-70).
    6.1.2 LEGO Basic Sets (1968-72).
    6.2 USA/Canada Samsonite LEGO Basic Sets (1965-73).
    6.3 LEGO Universal Building Sets (1973-75).
    6.4 LEGO Universal Building Sets (1976-80).

    7.0 LEGO BASIC SETS (1980-90).
    7.1 Regular/Special Boxed Basic LEGO Sets (1980-90).

    8.0 LEGO TOWN MODEL SETS (1955-71).
    8.1 LEGO Town Plan Model Sets (1955-65).
    8.2 LEGO Town/Model Makers Sets (1962-71).

    9.1 Legoland Large Town Model Sets (1980-90).

    10.1 Small Legoland Town Sets (1980-90).

    11.1 Department Store Catalog Sets in Colorful Boxes (1962-75).
    11.2 Department Store Catalog Sets in Brown Cardboard Boxes (1966-72).

    12.0 LEGO LARGE TOWN MODEL SETS (1980-90).
    12.1 Large LEGO Town Sets (1980-903).

    13.0 LEGO SMALL TOWN MODEL SETS (1980-90).
    13.1 Small LEGO Town Sets (1980-90).

    14.0 LEGO PARADISA SETS (1991-97).
    14.1 Paradisa and Pink Basic Sets.

    15.0 WOODEN BOX LEGO SETS (1950-80).
    15.1 Retailer Wooden Boxes (1950-80).
    15.2 LEGO #700 Wooden Box Sets (1957-65).
    15.3 LEGO Wooden Box Sets (1959-72).
    15.4 LEGO Wooden Box Content Lists (1957-72).
    15.5 Wooden Box Sets With Red Masonite Lid (1965-78).

    16.1 Suitcase & Travel Case Sets (1966-95).
    16.2 Plastic Storage Boxes/Storage Cloth (1971-95).
    16.3 Bucket/Tub Basic LEGO Sets (1983-90).

    17.0 LEGO PROMOTIONAL SETS (1955-95).
    17.1 USA Promotional LEGO Sets (1963-95).
    17.2 British Promotional LEGO Sets (1967-95).
    17.3 Continental European Promotional LEGO Sets (1972-95).
    17.4 World’s Fair LEGO Sets (1964-65).
    17.5 LEGO Company Promotional Sets (1958-95).
    17.6 Other Company Promotional Sets (1963-95).
    17.7 LEGO 1:87 Promotional Cars/Trucks (1955-67).

    18.1 LEGO Sets Not Put Into Production (1955-95).
    18.2 LEGO Elements Not Put Into Production (1955-95).


    19.0 LEGO BLUE TRACK TRAIN SYSTEM (1966-1979).
    19.1 LEGO Push/4.5 Volt Train System Sets (1966-79).
    19.2 LEGO 12 Volt Train System Sets (1969-79).
    19.3 LEGO Train System Service Packs (1970-79).

    20.0 LEGO GRAY TRACK TRAIN SYSTEM (1980-1990).
    20.1 LEGO 4.5V/12V Train System Sets (1980-90).
    20.2 LEGO Train System Service Packs (1980-93).

    21.1 Early LEGO Pre-School (1950-53).
    21.2 Samsonite/European LEGO Pre-School (1964-72).
    21.3 LEGO Duplo/Pre-School/Nursery Bricks (1969-79).

    22.0 MODERN DUPLO (1980-1990).
    22.4 LEGO Modern Duplo Sets (1980-90)

    23.0 FABULAND (1979-1989).
    23.1 LEGO Fabuland Sets (1979-89)

    24.0 LEGO MOTORS & GEARS & SETS (1965-1993).
    24.1 LEGO Motors (1965-93).
    24.2 Samsonite LEGO Gears (1965-73).
    24.3 European LEGO Gears (1970-77).

    25.1 LEGO Early Expert Builder/Technical Sets (1977-80).
    25.2 LEGO Technic Sets (1980-90).

    26.0 LEGO CLASSIC CASTLE SYSTEM (1959-95).
    26.1 Early LEGO Castle (1959-77).
    26.2 Early Classic LEGO Castle Sets (1978-83).

    27.0 LEGO CASTLE/PIRATE SYSTEM (1984-92).
    27.1 Gray Castle Sets (1984-90).
    27.2 Forestmen LEGO Sets (1987-90).
    27.3 Crusaders LEGO Castle Sets (1987-92).
    27.4 Black Knights LEGO Castle Sets (1988-92).
    27.5 Pirate LEGO Sets 1989-92).

    28.0 LEGO EARLY SPACE SYSTEM (1964-95).
    28.1 Early LEGO Space (1964-78).
    28.2 Early Classic LEGO Space Sets (1978-80).

    29.0 LEGO SPACE SYSTEM (1980-93).
    29.1 Classic LEGO Space Sets (1980-88).
    29.2 LEGO FUTURON Space Sets (1987-90).
    29.4 LEGO M:TRON Space Sets (1990-91).
    29.5 LEGO BLACKTRON Space Sets (1987-93).
    29.6 LEGO Space Police Sets (1989-93).

    30.1 Early LEGO Doll House Furniture (1959-65).
    30.2 Samsonite LEGO Doll House Furniture (1965-66).
    30.3 Homemaker LEGO Sets (1971-1982).
    30.4 LEGO Building Sets with People/Family Sets (1974-1980).
    30.5 LEGO Basic Sets with People (1976-1981).

    31.0 SCALA SETS (1979-82).
    31.1 Scala Jewelry Sets (1979-82).

    32.0 LEGO HOBBY SETS (1975-79).
    32.1 LEGO Hobby Model Sets.(1975-79).

    32.0 LEGO MINITALIA SETS & PARTS (1970-1980).
    32.1 LEGO Minitalia History (1970-80).
    32.2 LEGO Minitalia Parts (1970-80).
    32.3 Minitalia/Minitalia-Like Sets (1970-80).

    33.1 Architectural LEGO Sets (1963-65).
    33.2 Architectural LEGO Spare Parts Packs (1963-65).

  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352


    34.0 LEGO CARS & TRUCKS w/ METAL WHEELS (1953-70).
    34.1 1:87 LEGO Cars w/ Metal Wheels (1956-69).
    34.2 1:87 LEGO Trucks w/ Metal Wheels (1955-1970).
    34.3 1:87 LEGO Car/Truck Multi-Packs (1965-68).
    34.4 Non LEGO System Vehicles & 1:43 Trucks (1953-58).

    35.1 Early LEGO Mursten Building Idea Brochure (1950-55)
    35.2 Early Unnumbered LEGO Building Idea Booklets (1955-63).
    35.3 LEGO Building Idea Leaflets/Booklets (1959-65).
    35.4 LEGO Building Idea Book #238 Variations (1960-68).
    35.5 LEGO Building Idea Books (1966-75).
    35.6 Unnumbered LEGO Books/Blueprints (1965-68).

    36.0 LEGO IDEA MAGAZINES (1973-93).
    36.1 Magazine Style LEGO Idea Booklets (1973-93)

    37.1 LEGO Educational Sets (1961-80).

    38.0 EARLY LEGO SPARE PARTS PACKS (1950-66).
    38.1 Spare Parts Packs (1950-55).
    38.2 Spare Parts Packs (1955-58).
    38.3 Spare Parts Packs (1959-66).
    38.4 Spare Parts Pack Content Variations (1955-66).
    38.5 #235/#1235 Garage Pack Box Styles (1955-66).
    38.6 Spare Parts Pack Brochures (1955-66).

    39.0 LEGO SPARE PARTS PACKS (1966-79).
    39.1 LEGO Spare Parts Packs (1965-73).
    39.1.1 Continental Europe Spare Parts Packs (1966-68).
    39.1.2 Continental Europe Spare Parts Packs (1969-72).
    39.1.3 Britain/Australia Spare Parts Packs (1966-72).
    39.1.4 USA Samsonite Spare Parts Packs (1966-72).
    39.1.5 Canada Samsonite Spare Parts Packs (1966-68).
    39.1.6 Canada Samsonite Spare Parts Packs (1969-73).
    39.2 LEGO Spare Parts Packs (1973-79).

    40.0 LEGO SPARE PARTS PACKS (1980-91).
    40.1 LEGO Spare parts packs 1980-85).
    40.2 LEGO Spare parts packs 1986-91).

    41.1 Denmark - Individual Part Sales (1950-65).
    41.2 Continental Europe - Retailer 1:87 Vehicle Boxes (1957-64).
    41.3 Continental Europe - Retailer Window/Door Boxes (1957-66).
    41.4 Britain/Australia - Mail Order Service Packs (1970-76).
    41.5 Continental Europe Individual Specialty Parts Sales (1972-76).
    41.6 Continental Europe/Britain/Australia - Service Packs (1977-85).
    41.7 USA - Mail Order Service Packs (1980-84).
    41.8 World Wide Service Packs (1980-86).
    41.9 World Wide Service Packs (1987-90).


    42.0 LEGO WINDOWS AND DOORS (1949-90).
    42.1 Automatic Binding Bricks - Windows/Doors (1949-55).
    42.2 Early Classic LEGO Windows/Doors with Wings (1954-56).
    42.3 Classic LEGO Windows/Doors (1956-86).
    42.4 1970’s Era LEGO Windows/Doors (1971-86).
    42.5 Modern LEGO Windows/Doors (1978-90).
    42.6 LEGO Utility Doors & Shutters (1967-86).

    43.0 LEGO TREES & BUSHES (1955-99).
    43.1 Early LEGO Trees & Bushes (1955-60).
    43.2 LEGO Trees & Bushes (1960-72).
    43.3 LEGO Trees & Bushes - USA/Canada (1963-72).
    43.4 Granulated LEGO Trees & Bushes (1970-74).
    43.5 Modern LEGO Trees (1974-99).

    44.1 LEGO Garages w/ Garage Doors (1955-82).
    44.1.1 LEGO Town Plan Flip-up Garages (1955-71)
    44.1.2 LEGO 1:87 Auto Garages (1962-70).
    44.1.3 1970’s LEGO Garages (1971-82).
    44.2 LEGO Open Garages (1957-75).
    44.3 Esso Service Station & Accessories (1955-67).
    44.4 Shell Service Station & Accessories (1966-85).
    44.5 Exxon Service Station & Accessories - USA (1979-85).

    45.0 LEGO TOWN ACCESSORIES (1955-87).
    45.1 LEGO Flags (1957-86).
    45.1.1 LEGO Wavy Flags (1957-73).
    45.1.2 LEGO Straight Country/LEGO Flags with Stickers (1973-82).
    45.1.3 LEGO Non-Country Straight Flags (1973-86).
    45.2.2 LEGO Road Signs (1955-87). Early LEGO Road Signs (1955-72).
    45.2.2 Tall LEGO Road Signs (1969-87).
    45.3 LEGO Streetlights (1957-72).
    45.4 LEGO Bicyclists/Motorcyclists (1956-65).
    45.5 LEGO Police/Traffic Accessories (1956-81).
    45.5.1 LEGO Traffic Police & Accessories (1956-65)
    45.5.2 LEGO Police Freestanding Sign (1976-82)
    45.6 LEGO Antennas (1969-86).
    45.7 LEGO Lighting Device (1957-86).

    46.1 LEGO Printed Beams (1955-65).
    46.2 LEGO Printed Beams (1966-85).
    46.3 LEGO Printed Train Beams (1966-80).
    46.4 LEGO Alphabet/Number Bricks (1957-86).
    46.5 LEGO Stickers (1971-82).
    46.6 Painted LEGO Parts (1955-72).
    46.7 LEGO Stickers - Modern Era (82-90).

    47.0 LEGO BRICKS (1949-90).
    47.1 LEGO Slotted Bricks (1949-56).
    47.2 LEGO Non-Slotted Hollow Bottom Bricks (1956-58).
    47.3 LEGO Stud Fonts and Pat. Pend. (1955-Present).
    47.4 LEGO Tube Bottom/Post Bottom Bricks (1958-90).
    47.5 LEGO 2 Stud Wide Bricks (1949-90).
    47.6 LEGO 1 Stud Wide Bricks (1954-90).

    48.0 LEGO PLATES (1955-90).
    48.1 Waffle Bottom & Early Circle Bottom Plates (1955-72).
    48.2 Waffle/Circle Bottom Plate Variations (1956-72).
    48.3 Small Circle Bottom LEGO Plates (1963-80).
    48.4 Large Circle Bottom LEGO Plates (1963-80).
    48.5 Modified LEGO Plates (1966-80).
    48.6 Modern LEGO Plates (1980-90).

    49.1 1x1 Round Bricks (1954-Present).
    49.2 1x1 Fat (Minifig Head) Round Bricks (1975-92).
    49.3 2x2 Quarter Circle/2x4 Half Circle Curved Bricks (1955-80).
    49.4 2x2 Round Bricks & Plates (1978-82).
    49.5 LEGO Lattice Fences/Gates (1966-92).
    49.6 LEGO Arch Bricks (1971-93).
    49.7 LEGO Tiles (1965-80).

    50.0 LEGO SLOPED BRICKS (1958-86).
    50.1 LEGO 45 Degree Slope Bricks (1958-79).
    50.2 LEGO 33 Degree Low Slope Bricks (1971-84).
    50.3 LEGO 75 Degree Steep Slope Bricks (1978-86).
    50.4 LEGO Inverted Slope Bricks (1976-86).

    51.1 LEGO Town Wheels, Tires and Axles (1963-79).
    51.2 LEGO Truck & Car Accessories (1963-79).
    51.3 LEGO Train Wheels & Accessories (1966-79).
    51.4 LEGO Modern Acessories (1980-90).

    52.1 LEGO Samsonite and European Gears & Accessories (1965-79).
    52.1.1 LEGO Samsonite Gears in USA/Canada (1965-73).
    52.1.2 LEGO European Gears (1970-79).
    52.2.1 LEGO Expert Builder/Technic Accessories (1977-82).
    52.2.2 LEGO Technic Accessories (1982-92).

    53.0 LEGO AIRPLANE, JET& BOAT PARTS (1970-80).
    53.1 LEGO Airplane/Jet/Rocket Parts & Accessories (1970-80).
    53.2 LEGO Boat Parts & Accessories (1973-80).
    53.3 LEGO Accessories (1980-90).

    54.1 LEGO Maxifig & Accessories (1974-82).
    54.2 Old & New LEGO Minifig’s & Accessories (1975-82).
    54.3 LEGO Minifig’s (1982-90).

    55.1 LEGO Space Accessories (1979-90).

    56.1 LEGO Homemaker Accessories (1971-82).

    57.0 LEGO BASEPLATES & ROAD PLATES (1951-85).
    57.1 LEGO 10x20 Thick Baseplates (1951-85).
    57.2 LEGO 10x10 Thick Baseplates (1961-70).
    57.3 LEGO Thin Baseplates (1965-94).
    57.4 LEGO Roadway Baseplates (1970-84).
    57.5 LEGO Roadway Baseplates (1985-90).

    58.1 Cellulose Acetate - The Unstable Plastic (1949-70).
    58.2 Problems with Cellulose Acetate LEGO Sets.
    58.3 Switch to ABS Plastic (1963-70)
    58.4 Problems with ABS Plastic (1963-80).

  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352


    59.0 EARLY LEGO CATALOGS (1950-65).
    59.1 Early LEGO Catalogs.

    60.1 Individual LEGO Parts Catalog (1949-67).
    60.2 Regional LEGO Parts Catalog (1955-66).

    61.0 LEGO BOXES & IMAGES - DESIGNS & ARTWORK (1949-80).
    61.1 LEGO Box Top Designs (1949-80).
    61.2 LEGO Box Artwork (1956-59).
    61.3 LEGO Boxes/Images with Christiansen Family Members (1950-71).

    62.1 Automatic Binding Bricks Instructions & Idea Booklets (1949-53).
    62.2 LEGO Mursten Instructions (1954-55).
    62.3 LEGO Model & Basic Set Instructions (1955-65).
    62.4 LEGO Town Plan Set Instructions & Content Lists (1961-67).
    62.5 LEGO Spare Parts Pack Instructions (1955-65).
    62.6 LEGO Wooden Box Set Content Lists & Booklets (1957-78).
    62.7 LEGO Architectural Set Instructions & Booklets (1963-65).
    62.8 LEGO Basic Set Instructions (1965-79).
    62.9 LEGO Model Set Instructions (1965-79).
    62.10 LEGO Castle System Instructions (1978-82).
    62.11 LEGO Technic/Expert Builder System Instructions (1977-82).
    62.12 LEGO Modern Building Instructions (1982-90).

    63.1 Denmark Only LEGO Items.
    63.2 Norway Only LEGO Items.
    63.3 Sweden Only LEGO Items.
    63.4 Denmark/Norway/Sweden Only LEGO Items.
    63.5 Continental European Only LEGO Items.
    63.6 Specific Country Continental European Only LEGO Items.
    63.7 Britain/Australia/Ireland Only LEGO Items.
    63.8 Europe/Australia Only LEGO Items.
    63.9 Europe/Australia/Canada Only LEGO Items.
    63.10 USA/Canada Only LEGO Items.
    63.11 USA Only LEGO Items.
    63.12 Canada Only LEGO Items.

    64.1 LEGO Retailer Binders & Catalogs.

    65.1 LEGO Retailer Display Model Catalogs.

    66.1 LEGO Magazine Advertisements.

    67.1 USA/Canada Department Store LEGO Mail Order Advertisements.

    68.1 LEGO Retailer Displays (1955-72).
    68.2 LEGO Model Shops & Display Models (1955-72).
    68.3 LEGO Toy Fairs (1959-72).

    69.0 LEGO LOGOS (1936-Present).
    69.1 Old LEGO Company Logos.

    70.1 LEGO Sales Offices/History by Country/Year.





    LEGO INSURANCE PRICE LIST (1949-80) in Dollars

    LEGO INSURANCE PRICE LIST (1949-80) in Euros

  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    Opppps.... in my first EMAIL... I said launched here at "Bricklink".... make that "Brickset"..... (brain freeze)....

  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    I was just thinking I'd order this soon. I'd like the london bus parts please! Do you have pics of the sides so I could make decals for the stickers? ta
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    How about a scan of a sticker sheet? I have one sticker sheet left, which I was holding on to. That should do the trick?
  • gofigure19gofigure19 Member Posts: 20
    Gary -- if I made it in time for the bus parts can you fwd me a scan of the sticker sheet as well? Thanks!
  • sidersddsidersdd USAMember Posts: 2,432
    Awesome. Glad to hear you're better. Getting this finished is such a huge accomplishment, and I'm sure a relief. I'm really looking forward to receiving this and pouring over the content. Your contributions to the LEGO fan community are unmeasureable.
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    I sold 3 of the 6 (CD + parts) so far... so I still have some, and will continue the offer for another day or so, since it was so late in the day (for you folks in the UK) when I made the offer. ;-) And no problem in providing a sticker scan as well!
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    Thanks Gary, that would be great :-D
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    One thing I use to describe LEGO in the early years is "LEGO Mayhem"... and few sets describe that as well as the 1960-67 produced 700/K set. There are 5 known box variations to this same set. These are described in the chapter on wooden box sets in the LEGO CD. There were over 80 wooden box sets produced by TLG... but they never put a set number on the box, except for an occasional sticker (that is removable). You won't find more than 5 wooden box sets listed in any online set database. My wooden box chapter in the CD took some time over many years to get all the info and images assembled together.

    Here's the 1960-67 UK 700/K wooden-to-cardboard box set varieties... "LEGO Mayhem" at its' finest... enjoy!
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    Opps... forgot to show what the wooden inserts of the first 3 (1960-65) wooden box sets looks like! :-)
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    Still forgot... (ah the onset of Dimentia..... you meet new people every day ;-)
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    Got a few more freebies... for last minute LEGO CD orders...

    The LEGO CD will have an Appendix on LEGO Fakes or Counterfeit items... such as...

    1) a real #250 Esso Tanker Truck, a real #251 Esso Barrel Truck, a real Citroen DS19... but they're all painted fake colors... the Citroen would be worth thousands as a real item.. but not when it's been model painted. The ARAL trucks with decals were painted silver with non-LEGO stickers.

    2) 3 UK spare parts pack boxes... the parts are real... the boxes fake...

    3) Norwegian ESSO truck and 2 Danish 1x1 rounds as oil barrels.... the real truck would be worth $500+, the real oil barrels $100 each... fake truck... $15.. . fake oil barrels $1.

    Lots of real versus fake comparisons and images (of sets, parts, sticker sheets, and even minifig items). There is a lot of fakery going on on EBAY and elsewhere... don't get stung!! See some sample images below...


    My freebies for the $29.95 LEGO CD (71 chapters + 4 Appendices)...
    One freebie is an excellent example of the first (and rarest) minifig.... (only sold in Denmark Norway and Netherlands)... 1) of these available as a freebie...

    1) freebie is a very rare (new) 2x10 trans clear brick (only ever sold in USA 1966-68)

    And I still have some 6 red or 6 white spoked wheels (per CD) with/ tires (red in mint, white in near mint)...

    CD $29.95 + $1.95 shipping for the rare figure or the 2x10 clear brick = $31.90 for USA.
    For the same specials it's $32.50 total to Canada, $33.00 rest of world.

    CD $29.95 + $3.00 shipping for the 6 large spoked wheels + tires = $32.95 for USA.
    For the same special it's $33.95 Canada, $35.00 rest of world.

    My Paypal account is... [email protected]

    Offer good about 24 hours... or so...

    Gary Istok

    P.S. Only have 1 each of the very rare fig or 2x10 clear brick, but have multiple groups of the large spoked wheels available.
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    Back in the 1960s and 1970s LEGO made bricks in red, white, blue, yellow, black, trans-clear, and a few in gray.

    Well in the first few years of LEGO (1949-53)... they really spoiled the Danish kids... you could literally have LEGO bricks in any color you wanted... as long as it was only a 2x2 or 2x4 brick... with the slots on the sides to fit the windows between.

    Think I'm kidding... here's a LEGO CD Chapter 47 - Lego Bricks... image of all the colors that were available in LEGO bricks back then....
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    I'll be ordering a copy. PayPal site isn't working for me at the moment, but I'll send funds tomorrow. Thanks!
  • jadedancjadedanc USAMember Posts: 1,302
    Did you get my Paypal @lstokg? Just checking :) Wish I would have realized you had the rare minifig, I would have asked for that one :)
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    @jadedanc ... got your money (thanks!) and yes you may have the policeman instead... haven't mailed them yet. It's not really a minifig, just a precursor to figures that they made a few of during the Town Plan era (only in Norway, Denmark and Netherlands). The 271 parts pack with the 4 policemen in 4 poses, along with the traffic cone and traffic light on a pole is very sought after among old time collectors... the #271 pack (with box and insert) costs anywhere from $300-$400 in mint. And the small figures are only about 2/3 minifig height. See the very rare set below...

    So.... now I have an extra set of all the London Bus parts listed in my first post on this thread... and you also get a high quality scan of a sticker sheet along with it, if you order the CD by sending via the Paypal instructions listed above. Oh heck, I'll give it again... USA/Canada $33.45, rest of world... $34.95 to my Paypal account... [email protected]

    That price includes a $29.95 CD + $18 in freebie parts + shipping all included.

    I still have a few sets of freebies... 6 large red spoked wheels w/tires and now 1 additional freebie set of London Bus rare parts so you can build your own double decker + a scan to print your own sticker like images.

    Gary Istok

    P.S. Here's the London Bus model again... one of the best LEGO designs ever!!!
  • jadedancjadedanc USAMember Posts: 1,302
    Awesome! Thanxs Gary!
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    OK... I got one CD/special set aside for Rocao....

    Got 2 items left as freebies for the CD... (first come first serve)..

    A very pricey service pack.... (a 1119 along with a CD)....

    And I have 10 of these left.... (all 10 along with a CD)...

    A Paypal to me... $34.00 at [email protected]
    ...will get you either of these... plus the CD (shipping included).

    Something tells me the Hobby Set Thatcher Perkins parts pack (#1119) + CD won't last long...

    Gary Istok
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    One of the special features of the my LEGO Guide that you won't find anywhere else is the large use of tables in every single chapter. This gives you a broad overview of what was sold where (in most set chapters), or the part counts per country/region (in the parts pack chapters).

    Since most forums cannot do tables (everything gets left justified in a muddle)... I put one of the most popular tables... 1970s large model sets into a .jpg file (below). This particular table lists all the sets and set numbers during that period where there were dual set numbers (the USA had their own). This also gives the dates and set number used in the rest of the world. As you can see... then we have oddities such as the 369/575 Coast Guard Set...

    As I said I use these well researched tables in each chapter of the LEGO CD to make it easy for you to understand and cross reference what would be difficult to do looking at any only set database..

    Still have a few freebies left over for CD purchases! ;-)

    Gary Istok

  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    edited April 2012
    ... also, as this table demonstrates... the 1970s were slim pickings for sets, as compared to the rest of the world... This was in great part due to the fact that TLG just got their LEGO license back (from Samsonite) after a legal challenge circa 1970... and when TLG produced sets started up production for the USA in 1973.... there were only 19 sets available in the USA... as opposed to 125 in Germany that year.

    Of course all that is also explained in my guide.
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    And here's the earliest table in my LEGO Guide... when the first foreign LEGO sales started in 1953 (Norway). This shows was sets and individual parts were available from Danish retailers, and what was available in Norway, when they started LEGO sales in late 1953. Note: since the LEGO brick system was only one of many toys (mostly wooden ones) that LEGO made until the 1950s... all LEGO products started with the 700 number series until 1955. None of the online databases have all of these yet... These images are from Chapter's 1 and 5 of my LEGO Guide.

    Gary Istok
  • coolpixcoolpix Member Posts: 357
    @Istokg Are you offering any freebies? Looking to order the LEGO Guide next week. I'll buy anyway, even without the freebie, but was just wondering here. Congratulations on such a great historical work! Really looking forward to spend countless hours looking through all that stuff!
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    Yes, I guess I can still offer them... but you didn't hear it from me! ;-D

    Here's some LEGO stuff (mentioned in the guide) that was only ever sold by British LEGO Ltd. (Britain, Ireland, Australia)...

    1) UK style streetlamps (early ones were spray painted silver, later ones were just gray LEGO)...

    2) Australian Wavy Flag... never sold elsewhere besides UK/Ireland/Australia.

    3) M1 Motorway road sign... and why not... no other country had an M1 Motorway!

    4) #325 Shell Station garage doors (everywhere else they were clear with yellow outlines... but the UK style ones had solid yellow doors.

    Gary Istok
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    Loving all the sneak previews, looking forward to mine arriving!
    Damn that M1'sign is nice :-)
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,825
    ^ Was thinking the same thing. :-)
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    @ Savage_Steel et al.... one of the nice thing about your CD is that it will give you a heads up of what to look for in very rare old parts (I've got them broken down by country). I've only ever seen that 1 "M1" sign. So when you got to boot sales (or flea markets)... etc. you will know! :-)

    There's Danish 1x1 rounds with an ESSO Oil sticker around it... they fetch $100 each, those British yellow garage doors are also very pricey.
  • parkerwilsonparkerwilson Member Posts: 142
    Wow, just this thread was some wonderful reading...Amazing work
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    @parkerwilson ..... thanks.... I've only scratched the surface in this thread! :-)

    Here's a few other tidbits from the LEGO Guide... from Chapter 13... LEGO sets/parts never put into production....

    1) Nice early 1970s LEGO train images from a #241 Ideas Book... too bad that no known 12 spoked train wheels are known to exist (outside of the company)... all known wheels in production only have 10 spokes (just look at the train wheel image like you would the face of a clock with 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock).

    2) Ever wonder what the most valuable LEGO element is.... how about a 1957-58 Opel Kapitän... only 7 known... last one sold for $4000 about 2 years ago.

    3,4,5) Don't you just hate it when TLG teases you with a set in their catalogs... that never gets put into production..... (hospital, Holiday Village, 2 space sets).

    6) Nice image of the sets available in the first 1961-62 USA/Canada LEGO catalogs... too bad not a single one of these larger sets (as pictured) was ever put into production!!

    Chapter 13 of my Collectors Guide is one of my favorites!! ;-)
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    edited April 2012
    Decided at the last minute to change the design... none of the new images said "LEGO".... so I kept the bottom 2 images from Volume I., and added the 2 top images... for a combined Vol. I & II. 72 Chapters & 4 Appendices... 2800 pages, 6000 images, 1/3 million words. Shipping to USA $2, to Canada $2.50, to rest of world... $3. Price $29.95 + Shipping.

    Either in my Bricklink Store...

    or directly to me thru Paypal ([email protected] is my account)... at either $31.95, $32.45 or $32.95... depending on where you live...

    Gary Istok

    P.S. I had forgotten to add the Pirates Chapter, so they stopped the "presses" and I got the chapter in... now there are 72 chapters and 4 appendices. So they're still at the factory....
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    Hello Gary. I hope you are feeling better and doing well my friend.
    I was wondering, do you have any doors, windows, trees, plants to sell in Bulk. Please let me know as I want to order for my own collection and town plan.
  • coachiecoachie South WalesMember Posts: 476
    @istokg Hi Gary, so glad to hear you're better.

    I'm sure, like many here I've been patiently waiting for the CD to arrive on my doorstep, but now you've gone and shown us some more unseen Classic Space #6843 and #6873 from the 1983 Danish catalogue? Were these ever released? I can wait patiently no longer!!! Please tell me more about these sets.

    I also think you'll be responsible for a temporary dip in Brickset posts as we all busily digest your encyclopaedic work.

    If anyone here still hasn't ordered this yet, they're probably hiding Megabloks in their closets.

    Please excuse any childish humour, but you just took me back to 1979 and my excitement flicking through the big Lego catalogue with all the lovely blue and grey space sets. My spectacles aren't rose tinted, they're trans yellow.
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    Coachie, TLG doesn't give out much infomation on sets that never made it to production, so I don't know the reason why those 2 space sets showed up in the 1983 Danish catalog, but were then pulled out of the lineup at the last minute. Just like that 6500 UK Holiday Village set... they don't say why it was pulled.

    One set that had me very upset as a child was the 717 Junior Constructor. I wanted that "Cotswold Cottage" style house set (a USA/Canada Samsonite set) so badly as a child that my (now 87) aunt spent 2 years looking for it for me back in the 1960s but to no avail. So I had to settle for the flat roofed house 717 set that she did find in USA toy stores.

    Below is a closeup of the box (which the Billund Archives has no records of). So this box is nothing more than a "mock-up", which does NOT exist in the Billund Archives. (I wish I had that mock-up box!!.

    The 2nd image is a built model of that set. This was the largest LEGO house model of the 20th century. The 3rd image was the actually produced set (1961-65). So set image in the USA Samsonite catalog was incorrect from 1961-62, and not corrected until the 1963-64 USA catalog. However, Samsonite of Canada for some unexplainable reason never corrected their catalogs... and although it's pictured in their 1962 catalog (Canada started LEGO sales a year later than the USA)... it is also still pictured in their 1963-64 catalog, along with the other incorrect sets I posted about in my previous post on this thread. Here's the 1963-64 Canadian (bilingual) catalog with the new stuff (wheel set, doll set, etc.) but the same old erroneous basic set and 717 set designs.

    Now you can see an example of why some research (and the CD) took me so long!! :-( ... I call these early years "LEGO Mayhem".

    Gary Istok

    P.S. I devote an entire Appendix (Appendix A) to a 15 page history of the models used in the 717 Junior Constructor prototype and actually produced set. The prototype was used as a glued retailer display model in continental Europe, but no examples have yet ever been located. This prototype model was also one of the models in early 1960s Idea Books. See additional images... (black & white last one was from a 1962 USA TV commercial).
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    For those who ordered the LEGO CD... the Table of Contents will have this image at the top. My good friend Jeroen Van Dorst of the Netherlands did a remake of a 1960 LEGO Hotel model.... the original (not this one) was glued, and one of our little group of old time collectors collects mainly glued models... hence the comments!

    The 1:87 LEGO vehicles that are driving in front of the Hotel.... $$$ This is a Masonite (wood fiber) 1950s style LEGO Town Plan board that the scene is on.[email protected]/6452519403/in/photostream
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    edited April 2012
    Hey folks... just wanted to give you all a heads up... I haven't got the LEGO CDs back from the CD makers yet. We had "another" little delay that was my fault... I forgot a chapter... the chapter on LEGO TV Commercials... with a link to an online website that allows you to go from the CD to view these via an embedded Youtube link. There are some really interesting ones to view... some so old they're in black and white!

    This webpage is hosted by Scott Kirkwood who assembled a large assortment of old LEGO commercials. That would be Chapter 71 (of 73).

    This chapter and Chapter 73 (LEGO Sales History by Country) both have online links to other websites. The Chapter 73 link is to Jim Hughes website... it has early years of LEGO history, including he family, the company, and the products.

    Sorry for the delay. Everyone who ordered will be getting some 50-60 year old pieces of LEGO history as a thank you!
  • manddarranmanddarran Member Posts: 2
    Will this be able to be transferred to an iPad to read?
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,352
    @manddaran ... yes... (although it's not something I wanted) the LEGO CD is made up of 80 PDF files that can be transferred to an iPad.
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