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Extra Pieces

brclark82brclark82 Member Posts: 217
edited March 2012 in Collecting
Do all sets come with the same "extra" pieces. I'm so rediculous with keeping my boxes and instructions in mint condition, I also have a drawer with little baggies that have the extra pieces that came in each set I have and was just curious if they were the same for all.


  • y2joshy2josh Member Posts: 1,996
    Are you talking about all instances of a single set having the same extra pieces? If so, then yes (99.9% of the time, that is).
  • htranhtran Member Posts: 38
    Yes, all sets normally come with extra small pieces that are make for that particular sets. All extra pieces are different depending on the set. It's a good idea to keep the little baggies for extra pieces and label them but it's not necessary. The extra pieces are very common.
  • sidersddsidersdd Member Posts: 2,432
    On Bricklink they inventory the "extra" parts as well. For example, scroll to the bottom and you'll see the five extra parts included in the 9491 Geonosian Cannon:
  • BoiseStateBoiseState Member Posts: 804
    Yes.. Never any medium/large pieces, just small ones.
  • brclark82brclark82 Member Posts: 217
    edited March 2012
    Awesome @sidersdd I never realized that...I actually have a part I found when moving some furniture that I know is just an extra piece but didn't know where it belonged. Thanks

    And yes I realize they all come with extra pieces and they're always small I was just curious if they were always the same for the same set... Thanks for everyone's help
  • dimefielddimefield Member Posts: 314
    Get the mini modulars...theres over 50 extra little pieces!
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 3,940
    edited March 2012
    ^ they're to build the secret extra building :P If you put them together properly then you'll know what the next full sized modular is ;-)
  • LegobrandonCPLegobrandonCP Member Posts: 1,917
    ^ they're to build the secret extra building :P If you put them together properly then you'll know what the next full sized modular is ;-)
    I can't tell weather or not you are kidding. The winky face confused me. lol. I'm very gullible.
  • YpresYpres Member Posts: 200
    Spare pieces are great. I always thought the reason Lego included them was because the smaller pieces (which there are always dozens of) like studs can easily be missed by their digital scales. I personally like to build up a years worth of spare parts in a dish and do an annual part distibution. These certainly aren't the days of 100 pieces for $10 anymore... so anything that gives me even the smallest extra enjoyment is aces in my book.

    Strangely inside Mill Village Raid I found two "loose" (outside of bags) 1x6 flat gray pieces. I figured Lego sometimes had to put parts outside of bags because of their size, however 1x6 (flat) pieces weren't nearly the longest parts in the set! I realised it was probably an error of some sort when I noticed there were other 1x6 flat pieces of the same colour sealed in the bags. Long story short, they were left overs! I don't really have an educated guess as to how they got in there other than to assume they were added their intentionally by an (Lego group) employee.
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 3,940
    ^ they're to build the secret extra building :P If you put them together properly then you'll know what the next full sized modular is ;-)
    I can't tell weather or not you are kidding. The winky face confused me. lol. I'm very gullible.
    Sorry, I was joking. Or WAS I? ;-)

    Yeah I was. But that would be fun. I always try and build something with the spare bits, or add them on somehow.

  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
    Actually got an extra piece last night that surprised me.

    Was making the set, 7957, Sith Nightspeeder, and for the Savage Opress figure, I got two spiky headpieces.
  • dimefielddimefield Member Posts: 314
    I got 2 of Darth Mauls spiky head piece with my Infiltrator, i just think its a fragile piece to they give you two in case one gets bent or broken. @andhe Sure now im wondering what i could have built with those spare parts, too late as they have been assimilated...
  • sonsofscevasonsofsceva Member Posts: 542
    @richo: That was one of the best extra pieces ever. My boys were very excited because they turn it backwards and put it on my 1999 Darth Maul instead of his hood.
  • LegobrandonCPLegobrandonCP Member Posts: 1,917
    The pain of having to flip thorough the instruction books once you are done with a model, because you left out some important pieces. I had to experiences that once finished building my FB. I left out two 1x1 plates.
  • BrickSpyBrickSpy Member Posts: 24
    The pain of having to flip thorough the instruction books once you are done with a model, because you left out some important pieces. I had to experiences that once finished building my FB. I left out two 1x1 plates.
    I know, I hate that, I had a couple smooth flat 1x2 pieces and thought "well that's weird, I never get extras that big" and went through all the books to see... nope they were extras! >:-(
  • llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Member Posts: 357
    I have had extra antenna's before that came with the police stations. Of course those pieces are so long and skinny, they hardly weigh anything.
  • llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Member Posts: 357
    edited March 2012
    Duplicate Post
  • llanowarsoldierllanowarsoldier Member Posts: 357
    edited March 2012
    Duplicate Post
  • iancam33iancam33 Member Posts: 407
    edited October 2012
    I just recently started putting some of my sets together and with every set I have noticed numerous extra pieces. At first I thought I missed a step but after counting what the manual says I should have I didn't misss a thing. My real question is this; how common is it to have a dozen or more spare pieces in a set? One set had 17 extra pieces. Seems quite high to me.
  • cloud0cloud0 Member Posts: 101
    Almost every single set has extras. They are usually small studs and plates.
    If you have an extra bricks, something is wrong.
  • iancam33iancam33 Member Posts: 407
    I can see having 1-3 small studs but to have over a dozen? I think it's great getting extras don't get me wrong. I was just curious because as a kid I don't remeber getting many extras at all.
  • cloud0cloud0 Member Posts: 101
    Depends on the set size, the bigger sets tend to have more extras
  • jadeirenejadeirene Member Posts: 474
    If you check the BrickLink set inventory, it will tell you the extra pieces that the set will usually come with.
  • iancam33iancam33 Member Posts: 407
    I will have to check that.
  • nkx1nkx1 Member Posts: 719
    edited October 2012
    cloud0 said:

    Depends on the set size, the bigger sets tend to have more extras

    This has been my experience. Although, the larger the set, the longer the instructions and therefore the greater opportunity for an oversight to occur during building. Unless one compares every single piece to the piece count on the box/instructions, it would be pretty difficult to state definitely that a piece or two was not overlooked during building.
  • luckyrussluckyruss Member Posts: 872
    As a rule of thumb it seems to be to do with the way the bags are sorted these days. They tend to put an extra 1x1 round plate, cheese slope, technic pin etc in each bag that has any of that component.

    So in a set with no numbered bags all the light bley 1x1 round plates might be in the same packet, so you only get one spare.

    However, in a set with multiple numbered bags if there are light bley 1x1 round plates in each of number series 2, 4 and 5 say you will get three spares.

    There are of course exceptions to this rule, such as with non-numbered bags when you get two bags with identical contents to help with the production efficiency.

    But the use of numbered bags, particularly on smaller sets is relatively new (someone else can probably tell you when?) meaning there are likely to be more spares in relative new sets compared to older ones (those from 20 years ago say)
  • LaziterLaziter Member Posts: 76
    The extra pieces are in there because of how they are weighed.
    Those small pieces are hard to weigh with 100% accuracy, so LEGO shoots a little over the top. This benefits us buyers + LEGO are more sure not put boxes out with pieces missing.
    That's why you only see extra small pieces, but never the larger ones.
    LEGO once had a FAQ on their site explaining all this, but I can't seem to find it right now..
  • fitzyfitzfitzyfitz Member Posts: 94
    They are very consistent in providing a single extra of each small piece (per bag, where applicable) because these are easy to lose.
  • iancam33iancam33 Member Posts: 407
    Thanks for all the info. I have gone back to check the instructions just for the pieces that were extra. As was stated earlier the extras are mainly the "cheese slop" pieces, 1x1 lights, and 1x1 flat squares and a few other random ones as well. If only they'd put in extra mini-figs.....that'd make my day.
  • meyerc13meyerc13 Member Posts: 227
    As a general rule, if I have anything bigger than a 1x1 plate or cheese slope left, I usually go back through the instructions because I have missed a step somewhere along the line.
  • peterlinddkpeterlinddk Member Posts: 170
    As Laziter pointed out, there will be one extra of each color of the smallest parts: 1x1 plate, 1 stud round plate, 1x1 tile, 1x1 cheese slope, visor for helmets, the small levers used in cockpits, and luckily the new 1x1 round tile. Also some of the smaller technic pins.
    Additionally there can be extra parts connected by spruces, like there is always four flowers and two knives.

    Some technic sets have extra parts for building different models - they aren't "extra" in the sense that they don't show in the parts list.

    And sometimes you are just lucky and get an extra part! I got two pick-axes in set #4203!

    However, LEGO are changing their weighing-system, so the extra parts may dissappear in future sets! Reference: it is in danish, but the second to last paragraph reads:

    "Finally, the development of a new ultra-sensitive weight means that the overdose of the smallest items are a thing of the past"
  • BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,633
    ^interesting, I always just assumed the extra small bits was to save customer service hassle from people losing them.
  • paul_mertonpaul_merton Member Posts: 2,967
    Although the Robie House architecture set contains a zillion 1x1 and 1x2 plates in dark red, there are no spares at all! I was quite surprised by that.
  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,169
    I do think that some things may be duplicated because they are easy to lose but are critical to the playing experience. I bought a number of LOTR sets to part out and almost every set with Frodo in it came with a spare ring and a spare sting sword. From a weight point of view they are not the smallest things in the box.
  • beegeedeebeegeedee Member Posts: 380
    You used to get a spare minifig binoculars but they seem to have stopped that recently. I got a creator lighthouse recently and it wasn't included although if you look at the bricklink inventory for the set it's there as a spare. I guess they are so common now they have stopped giving them out.

    On the other hand, I've recently built a set with loads of 1 x 1 rounded plates in pearl gold and there was 6 spares in total for the set because there was 1 for each bag - the set had over 20 spares in total. handy since my daughter demolished it the day after and I'm now missing a few pieces - they're around somewhere :D
  • caperberrycaperberry Member Posts: 2,226

    there will be one extra of each color of the smallest parts: 1x1 plate...

    I've never received a 1x1 (square) plate as an extra. Which really irritates me.
  • BrewBrew Member Posts: 183
    edited February 2013
    I've seen this talked about in a few other discussions, but haven't seen a topic dedicated to it. I've been curious about what others do with the left-over extra pieces TLG provides in every set.

    I used to try and find places on the completed set to put them that would either enhance the look or hide them. Then I became more of a purist about the sets and just put the extra pieces in my bulk. Now I've adopted the curious habit of putting them in a small box with extras from other current builds and keep them separate from my bulk (not sure why).

    On a side note, I've bought a few used sets recently and really appreciate when they are included, although I know this is not standard practice.
  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Member Posts: 3,639
    My new habit is to bag them and keep with the set. It feels extra complete :)
  • AFFOL_Shellz_BellzAFFOL_Shellz_Bellz Member Posts: 1,263
    Originally we kept them with the sets but now they go in our bulk unless it's a three in one set, then they are bagged and kept in the box.
  • ACWWGal2011ACWWGal2011 Member Posts: 534
    With very few exceptions like the hair from the advent and printed parts, they get sorted out into my hardware organizer since it tends to be stuff i don't use/barely use like studs or those tiny technic connectors.
  • canuckcanuck Member Posts: 88
    I put mine in a pile and then at the end of the year sort them into my MOC storage.
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    I'm with Canuck, although I do not wait a year. Pile 'em and store 'em!
  • LegobrandonCPLegobrandonCP Member Posts: 1,917
    edited February 2013
    After building a set, I put the extras in a Ziploc bag and store them in the original box. :)
  • piratemania7piratemania7 Member Posts: 2,146
    I think a lot of us must do the same thing! After a build I take what is left and put into a small ziploc bag and throw in a dedicated drawer for such bags and other miscellaneous items. If I get too many bags I just combine them all into one and it becomes a general "extras" bag. I am not concerned with putting these pieces onto the original model or anything like that. I feel like eventually when I have a house and a dedicated LEGO room and can have a massive number of drawers I will just separate out my whole collection and these pieces will fall into the fray of just "general" pieces.
  • carlqcarlq Member Posts: 792
    Since most of the sets I buy and open are of the polybag variety - and therefore somewhat hard to repackage! - my "extra" bits are stored together in a suitable ziplock bag for use when I need them (for instance, 4 of the tiny grey "cheese"(?) slopes from my Thor polys went to stabilise the beer barrel on the table in my Frodo poly).
  • BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,633
    I have a gallon size Ziplock bag full of spare bits. It is kind of fun to watch it swell up over time.
  • plasmodiumplasmodium Member Posts: 1,956
    Sometimes I keep them in the original box/bag, and sometimes I'll sort them into my collection and other times I'll find ways of building them into the set itself. e.g. with the MMV there were enough spare pieces to make a second brick-built duck.
  • jasorjasor Member Posts: 839
    I'm using all the small cheese slopes, studs, etc into a microbuild on 48x48, inspired by TLG new webseries. It's like free rocks, and hills! Woot~!
  • murphquakemurphquake Member Posts: 651
    do we have a place to enshrine @prof1515's post? ^^
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