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Big collection for sale

AzorianA239AzorianA239 Member Posts: 1
I loved lego as a kid, it was about the only present i asked for at every occasion, and all i spent my pocket money on as a kid. I built a nice collection, nothing too spectacular. My original plan was to sort it out with my dad and sell it all bit by bit, however due to his recent passing, i now wish to get it all gone in bulk. That means that someone can get their hands on a lot of lego over varied themes. Star wars and city are the big two in the collection, but there are kits and sets from every corner of lego. There are sets from the 90's up to recent small bits that were given to me. I have a list of kit names/ numbers of the first 100 kits i know are in there. The Minifigure count stands at around 600, and i wont bother to count how many accessories there are. 

A quick look at some of the kits includes;
 star wars - 4484, 7655, 7669(x2), 7676, 7675, 8098.
 Rock raiders -  1275, 4980 (x2), 4990, 4970
 vikings - 7019, 7018, 7015

The remainder of the collection is a mix of small addon kits, and random items. Some of the lego was bought second hand in the same way im selling it now, so i must be honest about the overall quality and part counts.

The majority of the 100 kits are there piece for piece. There will be significant bits of some kits without the rest, due to the second hand nature of acquiring it originally. The lego is dusty, it it certainly fits the used category. Instructions are however included, we have the boxes but they have been kept in a mixed condition loft so i believe its best to keep them out of the sale despite what they bring. 

I'm asking for around £1750, but i understand the condition and value, so the best offer can take all.

The payment method can be what works best for both of us, however i would request that the buyer picks up in person from nottingham. 

Pastebin for the kit list -
Pictures of collection -

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