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UK Retired Lego Sets For Sale

smithyjgsmithyjg Member Posts: 3
edited May 2022 in Marketplace
Hi, I am new here and have a number of retired UK lego sets for sale.
All complete and boxed - some of the boxes are creased but all are complete - all parts counted and checked by myself personally
The sets are - 
31039 - 3in1 Blue Jet
31024 - 3in1 Red Car
31023 - 3in1 Helicopter
42036 - Technic Motorbike
42032 - Technic Digger
42033 - Technic Bullet Car
42048 Technic Race Kart

Can anyone tell me what they are worth and how best to sell them please?
They are from my sons collection but he no longer needs them.
Thank you for your help and advice


  • MaffyDMaffyD Member Posts: 3,498
    #31039 - 3in1 Blue Jet
    #31024 - 3in1 Red Car
    #31023 - 3in1 Helicopter
    #42036 - Technic Motorbike
    #42032 - Technic Digger
    #42033 - Technic Bullet Car
    #42048 - Technic Race Kart

    First off, if you put a # in front of the numbers they change into clickable links.
    Second, when you click on the links, there's a section down the right hand side (Set Details) with one entry being "CURRENT VALUE Used: ~£number" That should give you an idea about how much they are worth (if they have been opened).

    After that, you sell them all in one collection, or each individually, depending on how much hassle you want. Ebay or on here - browse the Marketplace section for ideas on what to post on this site. Hope that helps.
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