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Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,672

I have a whole bundle of LEGOLAND Pop Badges to sell.

I sold all the Star Wars ones I had on facebook yesterday, a lot quicker than I thought I would (had to edit this message before posting as a result).

Finding prices on these was interesting, but I think these are mostly fair or in line with what these seem to be going for from previous sales on ebay and facebook - I have now reduced some by about 50% (as you can see) due to a bit of feedback, I am still open to offers (or maybe trading) fwiw.

Prices are for rows. Postage for two to four pop badges is just a large letter (call it £2) - up to two rows will be about £3 for 2nd class. £4.45 (signed) thereafter for any amount.

Pic 2

A - £10

B - £10

C - £10

Pic 3

A - £5

B - £6

C - £5

D - £6

Pic 4

A - £16 rare gold brick

B - £15 rare gold plain

C - £7.50 

D - £6

Pic 5

A - £10 now £9 inc. rare glow in the dark dracula

B - £10 now £9 inc. rare glow in the dark dracula

C - £10 now £9 inc. rare glow in the dark dracula

D - £8 now £6

Pic 6

A - £7 shield is heat reveal + rare

B - £5 now £2.50

C - £5 now £2.50

D - £5 now £3

Pic 7

A - £5 now £2.50

B - £5 now £2.50

C - £5 now £2.50

D - £2.50 now £1.25

Pic 8

A - £5

B - £5

C - £5

D - £2.50 SOLD

Pic 9

A - £13 now £6.50

B - £13 now £6.50

C - £9 now £4

D - £9 now £4

Pic 1 The Star Wars ones (just in case anyone was interested in seeing them). Believe it or not, these ones went for £5 each on average!


  • PJ76ukPJ76uk Member Posts: 971
    Didn't realise these had value! My kids generally just chucked them in drawers and forgot them. Wife probably threw them out when we moved!
  • Mr_CrossMr_Cross Member Posts: 1,672
    That's the thing, they're giveaway stuff but some folks actually collect them! I found on ebay and facebook that some were actually going for decent money! I think the gold brick was supposed to be a free entry, but don't know if they're still doing that? So I could understand that one.
    It's not just the LEGOLAND ones either though, other Merlin theme parks are collectible too!

    I'm definitely open to offers on these.
  • ShropshireShropshire Member Posts: 651
    Gold brick ones are still valid to exchange for a free ticket.

    Want to get your hands on one? Here’s how:

    • Spot an team member with the Gold Brick Pop Badge on their LEGOLAND®Windsor Resort lanyard in either the Park or Hotels.
    • We can’t reveal who or where to find these employees, so make sure to keep your eyes open for this exclusive POP Badge.
    • If you find one, you can either the keep the exclusive Gold Brick pop badge or take it to Guest Services or the Ticket Office to exchange for a one day ticket to LEGOLAND Windsor Resort.
    • Remember, you cannot keep the Pop Badge if you decide to take the prize, so make that final decision wisely.

    Terms and conditions

    -          Only a small amount of these badges are released each day, our teams will not be able to confirm where the badges are located.

    -          Only gold POP Badges with the wording ‘take me to Guest Services’ are valid, if you are unsure please speak to a member of the team who will be able to assist.

    -          Guests are able to redeem their badge for a one-day ticket to the resort, this ticket is not valid alongside discount vouchers, against hotel stays and cannot be used during special events such as our Christmas or Fireworks events.

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