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50cent50cent Member Posts: 7
Hello everyone! I'm a French Canadian from Montreal currently working as an animation Director for an upcoming animated series here in Quebec. I've been a huge LEGO fan since I was 3 years old or so. I kind of lost the interest when video games arrived at home in the mid 90s/ early 00s then I never really went back to LEGO again. I recently revived my passion for LEGO and got pretty obsessed with it since. Hope I can share and learn some stuff about LEGO with some of you here!


  • lowleadlowlead Member Posts: 680
    edited April 2022
    Yah, eh?
    The 'obsession' is def not an overstatement, and it's encouraged!  Welcome and enjoy the addiction - no support groups here (and you should definitely buy more) =oD

    What themes for you, mainly?
  • 50cent50cent Member Posts: 7
    Hey thanks for the nice welcome!

    Currently looking for some of my old dream sets from the 90s I never had the chance to get as a kid, probably like 90% of the people around here! And most of the big recent pricy sets that looks sick. And trains ofc, in fact I joined the forum to see if I can get some nice 9V custom 3rd party tracks. I found some interesting switch/crossover on 4Dbrix and Trix Brix but none of these switch are made for 9V. Hopefully I can get some ideas of where I can get some!
  • The_RancorThe_Rancor Member Posts: 2,525
    edited May 2022
    Welcome - great username and interesting job, what kind of animation are we talking, 2D, anime, CGI, stop motion? There’s definitely a good community of Lego stop motion animators out there.

    Sounds like your interest in retro sets is very similar to mine - over the last couple of years I’ve built up a good group of Aquazone, Spyrius and Unitron sets. What I’m really after is building back my collection of Adventurers, particularly the Egyptian sub theme. Fortunately not many opportunities have appeared recently, as I’ve had to still keep focus on Star Wars such as the UCS Landspeeder.
  • 50cent50cent Member Posts: 7
    edited May 2022
    Hehe thank you for the good words! I'm currently working for a 2D animation series but I studied in both 2D and 3D animation, here's my DEMO from last year to give you an idea:

    But yeah Stop motion is definitely another game, I know the principle but this is a completely other story than 2D and 3D where you can do "ctrl+Z". I'm still very fascinated by it and yeah I love LEGO stop motion when it's well done, really like the creativity that some films have!

    Yes I remember the Aquazone and Adventurers/Egyptian themes, I still have the yellow submarine from 1994/1995 I think and I'm definitely after the Egyptian theme as I didn't got the chance to had them back in the 90s! But yeah like you said, it's kind of a game of priorities, there is so much interesting sets out there you have to make a list and be patient!

    Are you an animator yourself?
  • The_RancorThe_Rancor Member Posts: 2,525
    ^ Ooh nice sizzle reel. I like the variety of styles intermingling.

    I’m not an animator myself, but I got very close and had the option of choosing between animation and graphics/branding back when I went to university - long story short I went down the graphic design route and have since gradually become a web user experience expert. It’s always interesting though and I often get to run one to one user testing of websites and apps with a variety of people.
  • 50cent50cent Member Posts: 7
    Thanks man!

    That's pretty neat, web jobs seems pretty lucrative out there!
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