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(US) FS: Large Amount of Sealed Sets from Many Themes (HP, SW, SH, City)

samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,485
Howdy Folks,

More exciting items. These are all from the pile of "that looks awesome and I can get double VIP points, what a great buy" pile that inevitably end up in the backlog pile. I'm sure I'll make the same mistakes come May the 4th sale.

But for now, this is what I have available. Let me know if you have any interest! For now US only.

Obviously, most of these sets are still available online. So just make a reasonable offer. I'm not expecting what I put into them, but something close.

75313 AT-AT- sealed
10273 Haunted House- sealed
10283 Discovery Shuttle- open, 100% with box and instructions
10283 Discovery Shuttle- sealed 75292
Razorcrest- sealed
75339 Republic Gunship- no minifigures, otherwise sealed
75978 Diagon Alley- sealed 76161 Batwing- sealed
76178 Daily Bugle- sealed
75290 Eisley Cantina- no figures, otherwise complete
10277 Crocodile Loco- open, 100% with box and instructions
10277 Crocodile Loco- sealed
10289 Birds of Paradise- sealed
75280 501st Battlepack- sealed
75294 Bespin Duel x2- sealed
75319 Armory- sealed
75979 Hedwig- sealed
 40407 Death Star Battle- sealed
75318 the child- sealed
40451 Tatooine Homestead- sealed
75267 Mandalorian Battlepack x3- sealed
40486 Addidas Shoe Promo x3- sealed
40410 Dickens promo- sealed
40413 Mindstorms promo- sealed
6346101 teal brick- sealed
6313287- sealed
40412 Hagrid and Buckbeak BH- sealed
60250 Mall Plane- sealed
21321 ISS- sealed
10281 Bonsai- sealed
40424 Winter games- sealed
40487 Sailboat x3- sealed
77906 WW and Cheetah x2- sealed
21331 Sonic- sealed
43179 Mickey and Minnie- sealed
76193 GotG ship- sealed
 75275 A Wing- no figure, otherwise sealed
40516 Everyone is Awesome x2- sealed
40483 Luke’s Lightsaber- sealed



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