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MBA Part Count

retrieverfalconretrieverfalcon Member Posts: 7
edited March 2012 in The Database
How is everyone maintaining their MBA sets in the database from a part count standpoint? I currently have both the subscription (#4659018) and each of the kits (#20201-20205). I did it this way since the cost data is best maintained at the subscription level (which is how I actually paid for it) but the parts, minifigs, packaging, instructions, etc are better at the kit level. The problem is that this is currently listing one more set as being owned than there is a part count for in the database. Is there a way of marking #4659018 as a collection which would not show up in the counts on My Sets (similar to how Gear works)?


  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    I have the single entry for the collection of kits 2-6 marked as owned and not the individual kits. I didn't really deliberate on it much, but technically they are sold as a single retail item so I'm happy to keep it marked that way. I could see a person who obtains the kits secondhand, and possibly doesn't own the entire series marking them individually, though.
  • retrieverfalconretrieverfalcon Member Posts: 7
    I can see marking it that way since that is how it is sold but for now I have these still unopened (they are in my waiting to be built pile) so I think it is useful from an inventory standpoint to keep them individually marked. I tend to view #4659018 as a combo kit. I know this is unusual since most of the combo kits are comprised of other sets which were sold at retail and this is not but I am hopefully someone has a thought on how to resolve this.
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