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Lego World Builder photo editing

BrickchapBrickchap Member Posts: 1,263
Hi, I'm working on a project for Lego World Builder Pitch Fest and I need help editing my photos.

Specifically I have quite a few aircraft MOCs (made in Lego Digital Designer) and I want to make it look like the propeller is spinning. In some cases I've managed to do this, although I had to hand draw (using a mouse) the circles and it looks rather childish and unprofessional. Now I'm stuck as, due to the angle a number of my pictures have been taken, any attempt to draw a circle means that the propeller arc is 2D rather than matching the propeller.

I'm using the photo editing software FireAlpaca. I don't want to have to pay for any photo editing software and I'm very inexperienced with using this sort of thing.

Furthermore, I always place my MOC pictures on top of a background, such as a car travelling on a road or an aeroplane in the sky. Unfortunately all of my transparent pieces, such as windscreens, headlights and windows on buildings, show the background behind, rather than the interior of the MOC (for example, windows in a building should show the furniture inside, not the sky backdrop behind the picture.

I also have the problem that for cars for example, when you look through the windscreen at the minifig driver's face, his head is transparent so you can see the road through his face if that makes sense.

I always click the 'turn off transparent' option, but to no avail. All of my aeroplane cockpits and windows look like they have blue glass (instead of clear), as the sky is coming through. When I put them on an airfield background, the cockpit looks like it's green as you can see the grass.

Any tips on how to fix these problems? I'm also open to collaboration or general assistance with making my photos more professional looking.
Currently I don't even have my pictures rendered as all the rendering programmes that used to work for LDD dont work anymore, and I can't import LDD MOCs to Studio for rendering as Studio just stuffs up the model and removes all my prints.
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