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Hoth battle set lists collection.

Lego11Lego11 Member Posts: 9
Wanting to make a Hoth battle collection. I’ve just ordered the new AT-ST #75322 and have an older AT-AT, and snowspeeder that I’ve never done. 

I’ve also just got #40557 #75320 battle packs. 

What other sets will fit in with this theme/battle, including older ones I may find. Also will they all be sort of the same scale, obviously UCS ones wouldn’t etc. 

Anyone done anything like this would love to see pics and any list of sets be great to. 



  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,076
  • Lego11Lego11 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks, having a look through. 

    Anyone else done this type of thing?
  • J0rgenJ0rgen Member Posts: 581
    I remember making a Bricklist like that back in the day, and if you look on the main site you'll find loads more, but the easiest thing is just looking through the link Huw posted which contains everything. There's a ton of Hoth sets to pick from, so you just need to decide how much you want. The most essential thing is having an AT-AT and a Snowspeeder, which you already do, so everything from there on out I would say is a bonus.
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